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Breathing Time

3 Male, 3 Female

Beau Willimon Price: $8.10

** 10% DISCOUNT **

Jack and Mike are bankers

One reckless and larger than life

The other responsible and grounded

When we meet them, their typical morning ritual proves to be anything but routine

Three weeks later, Jack's sister and Mike's wife meet for dinner

Two strangers connected by only a photograph

Denise is a struggling dancer trying to make ends-meet

Julie is a suburban mother doing her best to raise a young son

Fate has brought this quartet together

But will it tear them apart?


"…a simple study in how ordinary relationships can be shaped or put in perspective by much larger events" ~The New York Times

"[Willimon is] especially good at having one of his characters drop a little bomb of information that takes the audience completely by surprise, changing irrevocably everything that's to follow in the narrative … a brilliant study in character"

"…intimate drama … Willimon's gift for incisive characterizations and colorful dialogue is well on display" ~ The Hollywood Reporter

"Willimon writes some of the strongest and most realistic dialogue in theater … he is one of our strongest modern playwrights" ~


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