Charley's Aunt - A Victorian Farce in Two Acts

Charley's Aunt - A Victorian Farce in Two Acts $14.99, $13.49 (10% off)


Paul Thain from Brandon Thomas

Published by Stageplays

6 Male 4 Female

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"The World's most popular Comedy"

Charley's Aunt was a hugely popular vintage farce

It was first performed at the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds in February 1892 and quickly transferred to London's Globe Theatre where it broke the record for the world's longest-running play, clocking up 1,466 performances

But although the central conceit is as theatrical and funny as ever, after more than a 120 years, its three-act structure and laboured humour urgently needed a make-over

And here it is!

"A chap in the bedroom? In need of hairpins?"

This New Version by Paul Thain retains all the fun of the original but re-works it for a modern audience, conflating the original three acts to two and enlivening the stale dialogue to give much needed pace and energy

"Tell her she's pretty. They all like that. Even when they're not. Especially when they're not"

It's still set in an Oxford college in 1892 where Charles (Charley) Wykeham uses the imminent arrival of his aunt Donna Lucia as an opportunity to invite two young ladies to his rooms for lunch

"We need to impress, Brassett. A cheese and pickle sandwich will not do."

But when her visit is postponed and they're without a chaperone, rather than cancel the lunch party, Charley and Jack persuade their fellow student Lord Fancourt to impersonate the Aunt

Lord Fancourt relishes the opportunity and particularly enjoys being kissed by the girls and sharing their confidences

So much so, he stubbornly refuses to abandon his role

But then the real Donna Lucia turns up ...


"Really Funny" ~ Mobile Theatre

"Who doesn't love a good farce?" ~ North West End UK

"We're so excited to show it to people ... the script is hilarious and so funny ~ Jimmy Walters, Proudhaddock Productions

AUDIENCE 1: Believe it or not, the Second Act is even funnier

AUDIENCE 2: Oh man, I'd better go to the bathroom then - the First Act already made me 'bout pee my pants!" ~ Intermisson conversation, Stained Glass Theatre, Joplin, USA


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