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The Colorado Catechism

1 Male, 1 Female

Vincent J. Cardinal Price: $9.99

Ty Wain, is at the bottom of his life in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Colorado

He meets Donna Sicard, a teacher in rehab for the third time; if she fails this round she may lose her child to foster care forever

They form a bond that helps them understand their situation and then realize that to overcome addiction, they must sacrifice their relationship

Three years later Ty is struggling to paint a portrait of Donna and, as he paints, he discovers the true nature of love

"A slow dance filled with acerbic wit, playfulness, appreciation and love" ~ Outlook

"The play has truth . . . never becomes maudlin and has honest affection" ~ L.A. Times

"As an acting exercise, this thing is perfect. . . . Makes the actors look wonderfully flexible, and the director devilishly clever" ~ N.Y. Magazine

"Though serious in its subject matter the play is full of laughs. Cardinal's dialogue is sharp and witty" ~ Daily Bruin, UCLA


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