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MOMologues 2 - Off to School

0 Male, 4 Female

Lisa Rafferty & Stefanie Cloutier & Sheila Eppolito Price: $9.99

The MOM crew is at it again!

MOMologues 2 - Off to School offers a frank and funny look at the true tales of motherhood, from homework hell to multi-tasking mania

Four separate characters tell their individual stories, either directly to the audience in monologues, or in scenes with each other

Moms everywhere will laugh in recognition at the playdates gone wrong, the crazy way to get a Mom day off, how to stalk a potential babysitter, and much more!

"The hit show showcases the real life status that tells it like it really is ... A sassy, irreverant and loving look at the mother of all jobs ... " ~ The Comcast Network NiteBeat

“The round robin of stories and anecdotes ... runs the gamut of emotion and experience that makes up motherhood” ~ The Boston Globe

“Truth is definitely funnier than fiction!” ~ The Boston Globe

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