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Last Stop Before Bethlehem - A Short Nativity Musical

Large Mixed Cast

Liz Stockley & Alicia Rickards Price: $6.95

The children who live at the last inn on the road to Bethlehem are having to work extremely hard because of the number of travellers

On the arrival of Roman soldiers, fed up with chivvying people along, the housekeeper decides to slaughter the old goat, Phoebe, to provide stew

But Timothy, the goat boy, is distraught and the children determine to save Phoebe

Later in the evening a man arrives with a pregnant wife and an obstreporous donkey. The children feel sorry for the woman and persuade the innkeeper to let the couple stay in the stable with Phoebe

In the end, Phoebe is reprieved and shepherds arrive with strange news about the baby which has now been born

Finally, the Roman recruits eventually turn up in time for everyone to enjoy a celebration breakfast!

Cast : 31 speaking parts (17 m, 4 f, 9 variable) + crowd + chorus of Roman recruits - Suggested Age Range : 8 to 13

Runs about 40 mins

Music : 8 songs, mostly for large groups but several could be solos, duets etc. Accompaniment can be piano, guitar, recorder and percussion as available

Set : The road to Bethlehem; the courtyard of the inn

The Piano Score, a Rehearsal Cassette and a Performance Cassette are available separately by clicking here

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