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A Weekend Near Madison

2 Male, 3 Female

Kathleen Tolan Price: $9.99

This play is about male and female relationships that takes place during a weekend reunion of college friends now in their early thirties

The occasion is the visit of Vanessa, the queen bee of the group and the leader of a lesbian/feminist rock band. Vanessa arrives at the home of an old friend, a psychiatrist, hand in hand with her waif like lover who plays in the band

Also on hand are the psychiatrist's wife a novelist suffering from writer's block and his brother, who was once Vanessa's lover and who still loves her

In the course of the weekend, Vanessa reveals that she and her lover desperately want a child and she tries to persuade her former lover to father it, not understanding that he might have some feelings in the matter

"Warm, vital, glowing . . . full of wise ironies and unsentimental hopes" ~ Newsweek

"A new playwright of sharp perceptions, humor, and tender sensibilities" ~ Christian Science Monitor

"Appealing characters and fresh from the vine dialogue" ~ N.Y. Post

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