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Neil LaBute - PLAYS ONE

Neil LaBute Price: $22.95

Spanning his career from 1990 to 2013, this collection brings together plays by Neil LaBute that take an unflinching look at the turbulent relationships between men and women

The six plays in the Collection are:

Filthy Talk for Troubled Time

One of LaBute's earliest plays. A downbeat night at a topless bar exposes the gulf between the twitchy clientele and the waitresses who serve but despise them

The Mercy Seat

This examines a couple who, on the day after a world-changing atrocity, toy with exploiting it to start a new life

Some Girl(s) follows a young writer's panicked retreat from his imminent wedding as he seeks out old girlfriends and opens new wounds

This Is How It Goes

The breakdown of a seemingly successful marriage is complicated by submerged bigotry

The collection also includes two short plays about relationships in crisis - A Second of Pleasure and Helter Skelter - which are in equal part tender and chilling

Together these plays form a complex and compelling portrait of the sexes

Sometimes warring, sometimes loving

But never fully at peace

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