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+ Neil LaBute - PLAYS TWO

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"LaBute takes us to shadowy places we don’t like to talk about, sometimes even to think about" ~ Newsday

Obsession with surface and secrets runs through this Second collection of Neil LaBute’s work

The Shape of Things peels back the skin of modern-day relationships to ask how far someone might change themselves for love, or for art

In Fat Pig, a man confronts his friends’ – and his own – fixation with Hollywood ideals of beauty when he falls for a ‘plus size’ young woman

In a Dark Dark House and In a Forest, Dark and Deep are twin tales of sibling conflict

In the first, estranged brothers must reconcile conflicting memories, after one asks for corroboration of childhood abuse

And in the second, a man’s offer to help his sister clear out her cottage brings a terrible confession into the light


The Shape of Things

"What initially seems a touching study of student romance develops instead into a passionate discussion about the way art feeds on life" ~ Daily Telegraph

Fat Pig

"As large as Helen is, the tender heart of the play is easily twice as big" ~ Variety

In a Dark Dark House

"LaBute toys with expectations and takes pleasure in our discomfort ... The play does lead to a pretty dark place – but the ending is not without hope" ~ Daily Mail

In a Forest, Dark and Deep

"It is billed as being about sibling rivalry, but in fact majors on far deeper, dangerous things: the yearning to be understood, female manipulation, and fascinated male disgust at a sister’s lurid sexuality" ~ The Times

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