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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One & Two - Special Rehearsal Edition

Large Mixed Cast

Jack Thorne from J.K. Rowling & John Tiffany Price: $29.99

Tony Award for Best Play 2018

Winner of the Olivier Award for Best Play 2017

Winner of the Evening Standard Award for Best Play 2016

Now everyone can delight in the latest Harry Potter adventure...

The eighth installment of the Harry Potter saga is not a novel but instead a two-part play by Jack Thorne based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling and director John Tiffany

This 350 page Special Rehearsal Hardback Edition is the complete script of both Parts 1 & 2 of the Original West End Production

The play is set nineteen years after the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and follows Harry and his youngest son Albus Severus Potter

As we all know, being Harry Potter has never been easy

But now he must contend with being an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and a father of three school children

Harry struggles to keep his past buried and move on

And young Albus struggles to bear the weight of the family legacy

A legacy he doesn't want

And when the Past fuses with the Present, father and son must both face an ominous truth

This handsome Hardback would make a fabulous gift for any Potter fan


"A compelling, stay-up-all-night read ... The suspense here is electric and nonstop" ~ The New York Times

"Fans can breathe easy knowing this play has been respectfully and lovingly wrought. Tensions thrum, spells fly but at center stage, as always in the Potterverse, is the overriding importance of love and friendship, especially in the face of danger” ~ Booklist

"Whether encountered on stage or on the page, this trip back into the magical world of Hogwarts is thrilling" ~ Telegraph


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