Zorro & The Legend of Allahambre by Glenn Beatty

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This Play is the copyright of the Author and must not be Performed or Copied without the Author's prior consent

(In order of appearance)

Narrator/Soldier 1/Citizen: Honest, humble &wise seer who opens and
closes the show. Also plays a soldier &the citizen.

Don Pedro: The bad guy and the current governor.
Decisive,egotistical,strong, single-minded.

Sargeant Garcia: The over-weight foil, second banana for Don Pedro.
Think comedy but remember what Shaw said.

Mariana: The ward of Don Pedro and a governmental spy who aids Zorro.

Bella: DON PEDRO'S maid and surrogate mother to Zorro/Don Diego.
Fiesty, experienced, takes no prisoners but has heart of gold.

Soldiers 2 &4: Soldiers of the day.

Zorro/Don Diego/Presidente - Zorro: Our hero; Strong, handsome,
radiates goodness, earnestness, strength and determination.Don Diego:
The shy, bookish alter-ego and nephew to Don Pedro.Presidente:
Charming, patient, sophisticated, a good man and a good
diplomat/political leader/head of the country.

* I was not age specific to give casting flexibilitity. Please be good
to the soldiers. Add lines/bits for them.

* Music &Song lyrics by Glenn Beatty. Transcribed by David Obaniyi.
Sheet Music at the end of the script.

Time: Back then.

Place: a Mexican Territory/out west.
Set: Minimal and flexible but do your best to give the romance of the
period. The set should facilitate the play moving like the wind, so
use lighting and suggestions of a set. If there is more than one level
it would be great but not absolutely necessary. Either way, break the
fourth wall as much as possible. Stagecoach should be fun: could be as
simple as two soldiers leading - on broomsticks with small horse-heads
in front and passengers with some sort of spinning wheels on sticks on
the sides as they walk along.

Costumes: Have fun and go as far as you like…but as above,
suggestions rather than full-blown costumes will work fine.

General Note: If you haven't guessed by now, I wrote this to
entertain. On another note, the play reflects values that you may be
questioned or are seen differently today. Don't go there. Accept this
world, believe in it fully. Direct, act and design with conviction.
Commenting I do with asides but the piece has to be played purely,
very realistically, with full-hearted actors who believe every word
they say or it will not work. Best of luck and most importantly, HAVE

The Play begins in the blackout with sharp, tangy, exciting, and most
importantly, romantic and sexy Spanish Acoustic Guitar which then
fades out to:


Good evening, my people. Welcome. Tonight is a very special night, a
quiet, yet very magical night. For tonight, we transport you, yes,
you, all of you, back to….another time, when the poor, were indeed
very, very poor; the rich, very, very rich and the military, well,
they were the military, as always. But all these had one thing in
common. Respect. Respect for a man who was hated by the rich, depised
by the military and beloved by "The People". History, or legend,
has named this man: Zorro!

(SFX with whip cracks as Lights go to black then to silhouette effect.
First in black: Zorro, Zorro, Zorro, with reverb and echo and then to
silhouette as we seguey into the Zorro Theme Song sung by the entire

Zorro Theme Song

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!
Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!
Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!
The people's hero and a ghost!
He comes by night yet brings the light
to save our world!

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!
Needed now more than ever yet must he be clever,
thrive and save our world!

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!
Fight for the poor and oppressed, puts himself to the
test and saves our world!

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!
Give him strength, oh, Lord and forgive me
allow his sword to send all evil from our world!

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!
The people's hero and a ghost!
He comes by night yet brings the light
to save our world!

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!
Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!
Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!

(What follows is a series of blackouts/cross-fades as we introduce the

(Lights up on DON PEDRO)

Don Pedro
Zorro! If he is found in my province he will be hung!


(Lights up on SARGEANT GARCIA)

Zorro? Excellency, we had him surrounded! He must have flown away!


(Lights up on Mariana)

If he only knew, if he only knew…


(Lights up on BELLA)


Zorro? But I know, I know who he ...


(Lights up on ZORRO)

Zorro? But no one must ever know.

(SFX/Music &Lights up on "STAGE COACH" traveling down the center
aisle, containing DON PEDRO, SOLDIERS, Mariana &GARCIA)

Excuse me, private, but how soon will we arrive at the hacienda?

Very soon, Senorita, very soon, if this strange Bandito does not find

Whom do you mean, Soldier?

Don Pedro
Do not speak to her, Peasant!

Yes, Excellency.

Don Pedro
He means Zorro. Who is, my little Mariana, a little pestilence that
fate has seen fit to infest me with. To the pitiful peasants he is…
a hero, thought of…uh, not unlike the English Robin-hood. To me, a
ruler, he is just a pest, an unwelcome guest that will soon be shown
the door. He is…

Excuse me, my guardian. Private, is this the man that dresses in black

don Pedro

Do not speak to peasants, Mariana! And please, do not call me your
guardian. Please call me Don Pedro.

Yes, of course Don Pedro
Perhaps this Zorro wears black because he mourns for his country.
Don Pedro
Yes, you call me Don Pedro. Ah, this is much better, my little
Mariana. I know now that you will be happy in my home. Now, no more
talk of this thief, this

(Enter ZORRO dramatically - if possible, HE swings in on a rope)



Zorro and don Pedro
Zorro! And as you have more gold and, unfortunately, Senorita, more
jewelry than most of our overtaxed population; I will even the score.
But Senorita, it pleases me that you speak to everyone, including

Garcia and don Pedro
How did he hear that?

So! If you will please put all of the "goods" into this bag, place
the bag in my hand and then, as they say, "Adios, Amigos!"
Garcia and soldier 3
"Adios, Amigos?"
You repeat yourselves.

You will not get away with this.

Oh, but I shall, Sergeant Garcia! Ah, you are surprised that I know
you. But you are famous, my friend. First for your belly; and second,
for your money belt, filled with Don Pedro's bloody tax money.

(with one movement ZORRO cuts money belt from GARCIA'S
waist. It falls to the ground.)
don Pedro
Enough! I will have your head for this, no one will insult…
Don Pedro! Excuse me for not recognizing you immediately. I should
have known the moment I saw Garcia.
Ignorance and evil often travel together.
(ZORRO picks up money belt and thanks DON PEDRO)
Gratias. And this must be your ward, your very beautiful ward.
don Pedro
How did he know she was my ward? I kept it secret.

You are a secret ward, I hear and all the more beautiful for it! Don
Pedro, I must take my leave. Gratias for your hospitality. It is not
every day that I am able to rob so distinguished a "nobleman".
Zorro cont'd
(To Mariana)
Excuse my words, Senorita
You bleed my country dry, "Sir"! I say "my" because you could
not call it yours!

Don Pedro
You will die for this insult! Arrest him, you fools!


I thank you all for a very enjoyable experience.
(Throws a rose to Mariana)
Until we meet again ...

Don Pedro
Come on, you idiots. Garcia, pick yourself up and let us go.

But I cannot, Excellency. I cannot get up. I am like the turtle
upside down in his house . . .

Don Pedro
You, you . . . Ninny! Help him, you fools!
Zorro and Garcia will one day hang from the same noose!

(Lights up on Bella in DON PEDRO'S home)


First it was Pedro, then Gratiano
Oh, good-looking men make me gape.
But the man whose heart is really my own
is the man with the mask and the cape.
From birth did I raise him
O what joys did we share
our friendship did flourish
our lives full of care.

His mother had gone to
where he had come from
in giving him life
a joyous sacrifice.

He grew into boyhood and
played all the games
gathered no laurels
yet garnished no shame

Quiet and sturdy
he grew like a tree
gave many his ear
his words all to me.

Then he was gone (school)
like a sudden, cold chill
My heart, it was broken
as well as my will.

Seven years later
he came back a man
Hard and determined
in his mind a plan.
To save, this, his country, free, you, his people.
He took on this "Zorro" to here make his stand.

To save, this, his country, free, you, his people.
Took on this "Zorro" to here make his stand.

(Enter ZORRO behind BELLA and gooses her)
IYEH! But Miguel, you are early, you usually come on . . .
Oh, it is you! I will beat you black and blue!

But Bella, my sweet Bella.

"My sweet Bella". Over my knee you will go, as you did when you
were "my sweet bambino", and it will be now, "my sweet hero"!
But Bella, my sweet, Sweet Bella, does not the master of this house
return at any moment?

No excuses from you this time, Senor Zorro! You will pay dearly . . .
IYEH! You are right! Quickly . . . out of the black of Zorro to the
fluffery of Don Pedro's newphew, Don Diego. Hurry! Hurry!

(Zorro changes on stage - behind a screen)

Always, he has an excuse.
Bella, my sweet Bella.
Uh, leave me alone with your sugary-sweetness.
But I love it.
Bella, did I tell you who I robbed today?
No. Some nice rich widower for your Bella?
No, someone very close to us.
(hands HER money bag from behind screen)
What do you mean, close to us? IYEH? Oh, Madonna, Madonna!
Not your . . .

(ZORRO has changed his clothes to become DON DIEGO)

Uncle, yes, my uncle, Don Pedro DoomDoomo De Allahambre. His
Excellency, ruler of this starving province.

Robbed by Don Diego, nephew of said "Excellency" IYEH! Don Diego,
my bambino, you take far too many chances!
(starts to cry)
I promised your poor father . . .

My poor father, our country's best swordsman &best scholar, who was
murdered by said "Excellency"! Yes,
I am sure of that now. But Bella, please, enough. What is of
importance now is not tears, not revenge, but justice! The Deed, the
Deed of Allahambre. Did you search again?

Yes, but I found nothing. You think perhaps he keeps it at the
No, it is here; and somehow I feel it will be the weak and studious
Don Diego, and not the illustrious Zorro who will find it. The Deed
proves that the land belongs to the people. It is their dream to have
the land once more: to live like men, not slaves. To Don Pedro, land
is his key to power. He will try to use the land to obtain his
lifelong goal . . . to become Presidente. If that happens…

(noise offstage and Bella looks to see who it is)

They come.

Ah, I forget myself. Oh, Bella, the jewelry from today, it's in the
money belt… all but this necklace.
(He puts Marianna's necklace aside)
The rest, as usual, sell and give to the poor.

Saving a necklace? This is a new… Ah, the ward of your uncle?
No, no, the daughter of my fathers' closest friend.
If I admit I like her, I will never hear the end of it.
I could not spare her necklace without arousing suspicion.
Yet, she is more beautiful than moonlight, more gentle than a misty
rain silently drifting down upon a sun-soaked Orchid.

I love it when he goes all poetic like that!

(noise offstage and Bella looks to see who it is)

Bella cont'd
Go, quickly. Let them send for you.

As Zorro, I could face Mariana. As Don Diego, it will be more



Isabella? Isabella?


Ah, there you are, Senora. Good. Senorita Mariana Kessissoglooanna De
Capistrano, I present Senora Isabella Athamandia De Petsilino; once a
great lady, but due to fate and fortune, now, my maid.

A Presidential introduction, if I ever heard one.
I am very pleased to meet your, Senora.
It is rumored she is a friend to Zorro.

It is rumored she is a spy.

Bella and mariana
Yes, a woman and a spy.

I hope you will be happy in this house.

I know she will be very happy, Isabella.

It is Bella, Senor Stupido.

You will make sure my little Mariana . . .

I am not his little Mariana.

. . . is comfortable. Afford her every convenience. Spare no expense.
But pinch pesos!
(To ALL)
I, unfortunately, must leave you to prepare Garcia for his tax
collection duties tomorrow. Which reminds me, is that lazy nephew of
mine still sleeping his days away at my expense? He can earn some of
his keep with these tax issues.
He is bathing, Excellency.

Don Pedro
Instruct him to meet me immediately. I have use of his brain; he has
no brawn to speak of. Ha-ha-ha. (pause) Between bathing and perfume,
the man will drown. Have him meet me immediately!

Oh, please, Excellency, could I not be relieved of this perilous tax
I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

Don Diego
No, fool, you may not!
Every Peso brings me closer to becoming Presidente, or Dictator, ha,
ha, ha!
(To Mariana)
My Mariana, I will return at the earliest opportunity. Come, Garcia.
You two take the Senorita's bags to her room.


Until then, my little Mariana . . .


(BELLA grabs broom and begins sweeping)

Now that we are alone, Senora Isabella . . .

Please, call me Bella. When I was young and beautiful like you,
Isabella was a beautiful sound to me. Now, older and perhaps wiser,
Bella suits me nicely.

Did you have many lovers?

IYEH, a frank one. Good.
Don't get me started.

Please, I would like to hear.

In that case, I will give you the lighter side. . .



Many moons past when my broom moved much swifter
I danced the dance of my youth
I was tossed many a rose, long-stemmed ones it's true,
But never and never, got picked. (ring gesture)

Oh, Miguel and Pasquale and Arturo and Jim,
Pedro and Pablo, Edwardo and Tim,
These were a few of the many of men,
All tall and all true but yet not gentlemen.

We danced and caroused and had fun until dawn,
When the moon reappeared, did it over again,
With my life and looks I was never to wed,
but I promise you, never a tear did I shed.

Oh, Miguel and Pasquale and Arturo and Jim,
Pedro and Pablo, Edwardo and Tim,
These were a few of the many of men,
All tall and all true but yet not gentlemen.

To close on a note of repentance is silly.
I loved who I loved and when I fell what a dilly!
I regret not one small tiny moment or scheme,
To think what a bore it could have been I could scream!

Oh, Miguel and Pasquale and Arturo and Jim,
Pedro and Pablo, Edwardo and Tim,
These were a few of the many of men,
All tall and all true but yet not gentlemen.

[end of extract]

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