The Random 10: Adjusting to the height by Isaiah Grace

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<Theatre lights goes low>

Narrator to the audience:

We grow up doing, learning, enjoying different things in our different lives. Some of us do those things forever and some of us don’t by choice or force. Sometimes it’s okay to adjust and embrace what’s to come. Or even to just try new things, especially if your hearing hints all day.

(Starts as Kevin's dad picking him up from the bus stop then a short drive home)
<Curtains open, stage lights are off, and the main light is focused on Kevin and his dad as they walk up the aisle towards the stage pretending to be in a car>

Kevin's Dad:

[Honking Horn motion]
SFX: Horn Honking

"Zeke I'm right here."


[Walks over open and close car door]
SFX: Car door opening and closing

"What's good dad? Man, it feels good to be home."

[Kevin and his dad hug]

Kevin's Dad:

"What's happening son?
You know I could have got you from the union station...

[Starts car and drive]
SFX: Car starting and driving sound effects/ Driving SFX are quietly during the scene


"It's good, I wanted to Suprise y'all, but I thought about that walk from the bus stop to the house with these bags."

[As he puts his seatbelt on and lets the seat back dramatically]
SFX: Seatbelt Clicking then seat being let back aggressively

Kevin's Dad:

"Igghht na, don't come back breaking seats and s***."



"My bad, I been doing my lil workout routine, so I got a lil stronger while I was gone."

[Looking at biceps flexing]

Kevin's dad:

"So how was it down there? I know it was hot as hell."



[Nodding his head yes]

"It was super-hot!
One day I stepped outside in front of the house barefoot and I just couldn't take it. It felt like some lava or sum.
And nobody was outside at the parks really. It felt like the only time we had fun outdoors was going to the pools or playing outside with DJ friends from around his house."

Kevin's dad:

"You aint play football all summer? I know you was sick."

[Shaking his head chuckling]


"Yeah, at first but after a while it didn't matter if we played football or not, it seem like we had the best of fun out of anything.
My favorite thing we did was go to Texas Skatium every Friday.
It was really like roll bounce up in there. Them fools take that skating stuff serious."

Kevin's dad:


"Boy I know you was falling all over the place."


"Nah I was taking it easy. I did want to learn how to skate backwards though, but I guess I can always learn."

Kevin's dad:

"And why the hell you came home so close to you starting your first day of high school? Your first day of high school tomorrow you forgot?"


"See I was supposed to come home last week but it was something going on at the airport. Idk why it took a whole week but I'm glad I'm here now."

Kevin's dad:

"You already know ya mom gone have something to say."

[Pointing at the big black garbage bag in Kevin's hand]

"What's in the bag?"


"My Godparents knew I was not going to be able to shop in time, so they bought me a couple outfits to start off with.
I got something in my closet I want to wear for the first day of school already. It still got the tag on it."

[Sits up quick and puts his face up to the window and his hands on the glass]

"Danggg when they close down the candy store?
Now I got to walk that gas station that be smelling like feet and booty."

Kevin's dad:

"Like a month ago, they supposed to been remodeled it, but they just stopped all 0f sudden."


"Well, I hope they open back up before football season start.
Thats my Gatorade spot!"

[Vale, drags the trash out, throwing it in the garbage can in the driveway]

Kevin's dad:

"We got a couple cases of them so you should be good for a minute."

[Pointing and smiling]

Aye, look at your lil brother struggling with the garbage

Kevin's dad:


"Get out the damn way!"

[Pulls in driveway to park]


[Rolls down window, smiles and yells out to Vale as their dad park]
SFX: Window rolling down then shortly after car being cut off and doors closing



[Jumps up and yell]


[Runs back in the house to yell out to mom]
<All stage lights come on>

"Zekes home ma!"

[Kevin and his dad walk in the house, Vale and Kevin hug, while Kevin's mom heads to the living room]
SFX: Front door closing

Kevin's mom:

"My boobie!"

[Vale sits down on the couch]


"Come on ma you know I hate that name."

[Kevin laughing while him and his mom hug]

Kevin's mom:

"So, how was your vacation in Texas with your cousins?"

[Looking at Kevin up and down]

"And I see you done grew a lil bit."



"I prolly did a lil bit."

Kevin's dad:

"Prolly? A lil bit?
I see what you on."

[Pointing and joking]

"Imma have to hit the weights a lil harder cuz you tryna sneak and get some height,
Ight I see ya."

[Pats Kevin on the back as if he's proud of him then, the family picks a seat in the living room]


[Cuts on SportsCenter then turn to Kevin with an interested look]
SFX: Sportscenter on tv volume very low

"How were the football players down there Zeke?
Did y'all play a lot? How was it playing on burnt grass all day?"


[Laughs and shakes his head]

"They were cool."
We didn't really get to play much though.
I did hang out with a couple of the players from the high school in the area and it seemed like all they did was want to hit the weights.
I have no problem lifting weights but not for 5 hours."


"Five hours?!"

Kevin's dad:

"Yeah, that's intense shit but I guess that's what they feel like it takes to get to where they want to be."


"I just wanted to have a relaxing vacation and have a lil fun."

Kevin's mom:

"Ya cousin stopped by a couple weeks ago a told us that y'all were starting workouts last week. It was mandatory for you to be there. Why you wait to the last minute to come home?
I didn't even get to take you back to school clothes shopping yet."


"I can't even answer that ma, I was having so much fun i didn't really think about it. Ahhhh I prolly can't even play this year.
It was something going on at the airport where there was a delay."

Kevin's mom:

[gets worried]

"I might have to call the airport to see what that was about."


"I got a few outfits that they bought me down there, and I got a something in my closet I can wear for the week as well. Imma have to stop by the coach office to see if anything I can do."

Kevin's mom:

[Gets up and head to her room]

"Well, Goodluck on that I'm about to head to bed early, I have to get up a fo in the mornin for work."


"Goodnight, Love You."


"Goodnight ma, love you!"

Kevin's mom:

"Goodnight and love y'all to."

[Stops and looks towards Vale]

"You got 30 minutes left and you need to get ready for bed."


"Okay okay, I'm just waiting on the football highlights."

Kevin's mom:

"You heard what I said. Thirty minutes!"

[Looks at Kevin's dad]

"If I'm sleep by time you get in bed, make sure you call me before you get up. Kevin, I know you get up early, wake your dad up for me."

Kevin's dad:

"I'll be up."

[Slight chuckle]

"I'll be in the room in a sec baby."

Kevin's mom:

[Walks to her and Kevin's dad's room.]


"Ohhh look it's time for the football highlights!"

[All three leans up in their seats]


"Thats who you remind me of dad. LaDainian Tomlinson. Y'all fast, got juke moves, and both wear the dark visor."

[They all laugh]


"I think you better dad."

Kevin's dad:

"Woah slow down gym shoe.
I appreciate the compliment but that's ah NFL player son, I just play semi pro. It's a reason he's there. You boys have a chance in life to give people a reason for you to be there."


"Yeah, I gotta go to Coach James office and give him a reason for me to be there."



"Peyton Manning ran the ball. And scored!"

[Amazed at the tv]

Kevin's dad:

"Zeke I wanna tell you this before tomorrow come."

[Stands up and head to the bedroom slowly]

"Some coaches may feel you are not dependable when you are missing anything that have to do with the team. That might be the reason he feel he don't need you. If that's the case tomorrow, you're only a freshman and you got next year. You can maybe try to hoop this year since you got a lil height now. Everything gone be okay, you can play next year."


[Stands up with his arms open]

"But I want to play football more than basketball."

Kevin's dad:

"Remember what I told you."

[Throws up the power fist and then points at vale in the same motion]

"Aye Vale, bedtime Mr."


"Come on, it's been thirty minutes? "

Kevin's dad:

"Nope but you heard what I said,

Kevin and Vale:

[At the same time in a sighing way]



[Mocking dad]

"You heard what I said."

[Cuts off tv and heads to room]
SFX: Remote clicks and tv goes off

"Night Zeke."


"Goodnight, Vale Love ya!"

[Grab bags and head to room mumbling to himself]

"I need to see what imma wear tomorrow."

[Kevin walks towards the stage area that's his room and opens the door then freezes]

<Stage lights goes off/Curtains close>

(Scene one end as Kevin heads to his room)

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