The Legend of the Lone Stranger by James Bramson

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The Legend of the Lone Stranger

Part 1 - Scene 1

(Sylvester is on stage as a rope is thrown around him, missing him. Finally he is lassoed and dragged off)

Narrator – Faster than a speeding cow, stronger than a little child, and able to leap over a fence post…with some help. It’s the Lone Stranger. The Lone Stranger is a believer in what is right and good. He is a man of integrity and faith. Riding his trusty horse, Sylvester, the Lone Stranger weeds out the bad and replaces it with good. His sidekick, Pronto, is his loyal companion. Sit back and enjoy the Legend of the Lone Stranger.

LS – Pronto come quick!

Pronto – What is it Lone Stranger?

LS – My horse Sylvester is gone. I put him in the corral last night and today he is gone.
Pronto – What color is your horse?

LS – Pronto, you know what color he is, he’s a light Golden Brown.

Pronto – Did you close the gate after you put him in the corral?

LS – Yes I did and I can prove it. See those footprints by the gate. Those are cowboy boot footprints and I wear cowboy boots? So that proves that I shut the gate.

Pronto – LS, all cowboys wear cowboy boots. How do you know that those footprints were made by your cowboy boots? Do your cowboy boots have the initial BC on the bottom?

LS – BC, who could have the initial BC? Let me see (thinks) Ah-Hah, I have it. It could only be that doer of bad things, Butch Catfish! QUICK ROBIN TO THE BAT CAVE…Uh I mean come on Pronto, let’s head up yonder to the ole Homestead.

Scene 2

Butch – (appears pulling Sylvester) Come on ya stubborn ole horse. I gots ta get away before that Lone Stranger and his sidekick Pronto find out your missin.

(Sylvester bucks and snorts and pulls on the rope as Butch pulls him across the stage)

Butch – You’re wilder than a pig in a waller. Stop making such a racket, they’ll find us for sure if I can’t get you ta quiet down. Hey do you like apples, here is a nice pretty one.

(Sylvester calms down and gets excited about the apple, and trots happily off with Butch)

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