The Bible Path to the Manger by Irene L Hahn

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CHRISTMAS CAROL: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

NARRATOR: The Prophet Isaiah wrote hundreds of years ago, "The
people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in
the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned. For to us a
Child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on His
shoulders, and He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His
government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David's
throne and over His kingdom, establishing and upholding it with
justice and righteousness from that time on forever. The zeal of the
Lord Almighty will accomplish this."

The Apostle John wrote, "The Word became flesh and lived for a
while among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and only
Son, Who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."

CAROL: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus


(A simple home. Mats are on the floor. Along one side is a low
shelf that serves as a bed on which there is a large mat, pillow, and
folded blanket. Some small pots and dishes are on another low shelf
along one wall. Two tall water pots and a pitcher are also on the
shelf. A small brazier is in the center of the room. A small low
table with a Biblical style oil lamp on it. Mary is seated on a low
stool near the table, weaving a shawl and begins quoting from Psalm

MARY: I will sing of Your love and justice; to You, O Lord, I will
sing praise. I will be careful to lead a blameless life when will
You come to me? I will walk in my house with a blameless heart. I
will set before my eyes no vile thing.

(Suddenly the angel Gabriel appears before her. She is startled and
fearful and falling on her knees bows to the floor. Gabriel gently
touches her head and speaks.)

GABRIEL: Don't be afraid, Mary. God is greatly pleased with you,
and you have found favor with Him. You are faithful to Him and He is
honoring you with a special blessing because He loves you dearly. He
has chosen you to conceive a Son and you are to call His Name Jesus.
He shall be great and will be called the Son of the Highest. The Lord
God will give Him the throne of His ancestor David, and He will reign
over the house of Jacob forever because His kingdom will never end.
He will be the Messiah Israel has been waiting and longing for.

MARY: But how is this possible? I am engaged to be married but have
remained pure and a virgin.

GABRIEL: God will send His Holy Spirit to come and overshadow you
and the Holy One to be born to you will be called the Son of God
the One the world has been longing for. Behold, your cousin
Elizabeth, who was called barren, is going to have a baby in her old
age, and she is in her sixth month because nothing is impossible with
God and His Word will not fail.

MARY (bowing humbly): Behold, I am the Lord's humble servant. Let
His Word be fulfilled.

(Gabriel departs).

CAROL: Come We That Love The Lord (without chorus)


BACKGROUND is similar to Mary's, but has a workbench with tools in
one section, and a low bench with room for two. Joseph is in his
workshop sanding a piece of furniture he is making. Mary knocks on
the door which stands open. He looks up and smiles.

JOSEPH: Mary, my love, I am so happy to see you. Come in.

MARY (looking a little apprehensive): Joseph, are you too busy to
stop and talk? I have something I need to tell you.

JOSEPH: Oh, Mary, I am never too busy for you. Come and sit down.
(He motions her to a bench and sits down beside her, gives her a
gentle kiss, and puts his arm around her). Are you here to discuss our
wedding? I am so eager to have you as my wife. I was just working on
something for our home.

MARY: Dear, dear Joseph. I have something very important to tell
you, but it may be difficult for you to understand. (Joseph looks

JOSPEH: Mary! You're not trying to break our engagement, are you?
Are you ill? Is something wrong?

MARY: (hesitatingly): I have had a very startling and surprising
visitor. I was at home when an angel appeared to me and I was

JOSEPH: (doubtfully): An angel? Are you did you imagine it?
Angels haven't appeared for centuries! Why? What did he say?

MARY: The message he brought me, he said, was from God. I was very
frightened and bewildered. But he told me not to be afraid. He said
I have found favor with God and He is going to bless me bless the
world. He said I am going to have a Baby.

JOSEPH: (interrupts her, bewildered and puzzled): Of course we will
have children after we are married.

MARY: (gently, her hand on his arm and a look of concern on her
face): Joseph, dear, I asked how this could be since I am a virgin,
but he said the Lord would send His Holy Spirit upon me, and
overshadow me, and this Baby is to be called Jesus because He will be
called the Son of the Most High, and He will rule over the house of
Jacob forever. That He is to be the Messiah Israel has been longing
for. Joseph, please understand I have NOT been unfaithful to you,
but the Lord has fulfilled His Word and I am already with Child.

JOSPEH: (jumps up in shock and anger and begins pacing) Mary! How
could you? You expect me to believe this this far-fetched story?
How could you be unfaithful to me then come up with this so called
"explanation" and claim to be innocent of any wrong doing?

MARY: (desperately): Oh, Joseph, PLEASE believe me. I HAVE been
faithful to you and to God! I am humbled to think that He has chosen
to bless our people through me. As I told His angel, I am His servant
and desire His will to be done. The angel also told me of another
miracle God has performed. Cousin Elizabeth, who has been barren all
these years, has been blessed and she and Zechariah are expecting a
son in their old age, and she is in her sixth month. I am going right
away to visit her. Please trust me, Joseph, and I will see you when I
return. I would never do anything to hurt you or be unfaithful to
you. PLEASE believe me and remember that.
(She kisses him and leaves. Joseph sinks onto the bench with his
head in his hands).

CAROL: All People That On Earth Do Dwell


(STAGE DIRECTION: Joseph is on his low cot, tossing and turning, and
finally sits up on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands, and
speaks to himself in an agonizing and broken voice).

JOSEPH: Oh, Mary, what am I going to do? I just don't understand
how you could do this to me! I love you so much, but I can't marry
a woman who has been unfaithful to me. We'll both be ostracized. O
God, what am I going to do? I don't want to divorce her but I see
no choice. I'll do it quietly so as not to publicly disgrace her.

(Suddenly Gabriel appears to Joseph in a bright light which startles
Joseph. He looks up in alarm, and then falls to his knees, bowing to
the ground.)

GABRIEL (touching Joseph's shoulder): Joseph, son of David, don't
be afraid to take Mary as your wife. She HAS been faithful to God and
to you. She told you the truth. The Holy Spirit has caused her to
conceive. She will give birth to a Son, as she told you. You are to
name Him Jesus, because He is Immanuel, which means "God with us".
He will save His people from their sins. He is the promised Messiah.

[end of extract]

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