Stage Directions by John Darling

This Play is the copyright of the Author and must NOT be Performed without the Author's PRIOR consent

Act 1
Scene 1
House is totally blacked out, curtains open. The house lights come up slowly revealing a MAN, dressed entirely in black, standing center stage in a bar that is not quite complete. Two stools sit in front of a small counter, the mirror behind it is askew; cases of liquor remain unopened off to the left side. The MAN is gazing somewhere between stage right and downstage, left hand on hip.

Is God dead?

Shouting now
I asked, is God dead?

Entering quickly, stage left, is a beautiful WOMAN wearing a white mini-skirt, cut well above the knee, and a tight white blouse.

Are you crazy?
Quick aside downstage, whispering and pointing at MAN
He's crazy!

Turns to look at WOMAN while wagging his finger
I heard that! I heard what you said! I am not crazy!

You are too! Who else but a crazy man would ask such a question?

How do you even know that I am a ‘man’? So far, in our universe here, there is only you and I. How do you know that you are not the man and I am the woman?

Pointing at MAN
Don't try to change the subject, buster! You're still crazy. You of all people should know that God is not dead.

Places hands on hips
Really? Why should I know that?

Because, you fool, if God is dead, then who created you?

Raising right hand, finger pointing upward
Hah! And you call me crazy? Don't you realize that we were both created just a few minutes ago by some drunken, fool writer who has nothing better to do than play God?

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