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We’ve almost finished cataloging “virtually every play in the world” and so we’re now able to welcome submissions to the database from individual playwrights

But we know from experience that if we made a conventional Call for Plays we’d be inundated with hundreds of them, taking hundreds of hours to read before we pass hundreds of negative judgements, only to publish a bare handful

The economics of the printing-press means the process of selecting plays for publication is in practice almost entirely geared to producing rejection and disappointment

Even plays of recognised quality and originality are passed over because conventional printing and distribution costs are too high and getting higher

And many publishers won’t even consider your play unless it’s had a professional production or been sent in by an agent

So sadly, the chances of your play being published conventionally are small and getting smaller

Which is bad news for everyone who cares about theatre

So we’ve tried to come up with a better way to give more plays a chance

Helping to make it Happen

STAGEPLAYS is now willing and able to publish and distribute your play or theatre-related book as a CYBERPRESS digital download

But we won’t sit in judgement and try to decide whether your work is any good or not

Or even whether it’ll sell or not

Instead, we’re passing that call to the customer

How it Works

Say you’ve written an American Comedy for 5 Males and 3 Females ...

When a customer Searches these criteria, your play will be listed alongside the likes of Neil Simon’s California Suite and Tim Kelly’s The Butler Did it

And - like theirs - your listing will also include a brief outline of your play

If this interests the customer, they then click to a Full Synopsis

And if that interests them, they can then “READ THE OPENING SCENES”

And if they like that, they purchase in the usual way and receive the complete play as an ePlay Download in less than a minute

Should they decide to produce your play, we’ll either put them in touch with you or else handle the Performance Rights on your behalf (your choice)

It’s never easy finding an audience for a play, but in this way we believe your play is given a fair chance on a level playing field

So what’s the Deal?

Making sure your play is properly presented and that you’re properly paid, takes time and money and clever software

Which is why we’re charging a set-up fee of $35.00 per play

But here’s the deal ...

When your play sells 5 copies, we’ll give you back your money

Future sales will then be divided 50/50 between us

But my Play is already published

Most of the 20,000+ plays we sell are already published

And as well as the regular printed copy, we’re now offering our customers direct links to the iTunes/Kindle edition (as and when they become available)

But many of our customers don’t want to be tied to the restrictions of Apple/Amazon

Which is why Cyberpress is so special

Unlike iPad/Kindle, all Cyberpress titles can be Printed and Copied

We believe once a customer has paid to Download a play they should be able to copy it, print it, send it to a friend, and add Notes - all without restriction

Except perform the play in public without permission

Unlike the novel, the purpose of publishing a play is not to sell it and make money

The purpose is to amplify the likelihood of its production

And the more eyes that read it, the greater the likelihood

Sure, you’ll lose out on your dollar Royalty when someone likes your play so much they send it via email Attachment to an actor/producer/director friend at two in the morning

Or when a teacher prints it out for tomorrow’s drama class

Or when an actor urgently copies a speech for a surprise audition

Or when a director prints a chunk for next week’s acting challenge

But we still believe it’s in the best interests of the playwright that they’re able to do so without encumbrance

And remember, the regular Book Royalty rate is about 10%

Cyberpress is offering you 50%

Is this Agreement binding?

It’s non-binding

All Rights to your work remain with you and you can cancel the Agreement at any time


Even if your play never sells 5 copies, it might be a small comfort to know it will probably live forever archived in our database

We can’t promise eternity, but we expect the unique STAGEPLAYS database of “virtually every play in the world” to grow and be explored for as long as people are interested in theatre

So if you’d like to be part of that and you feel your play’s ready to go public, click the “DOWNLOAD” button

Once you’ve sent payment, you’ll immediately be emailed a special link to download our ePlay Publication Guide

This simple Guide explains how to prepare your play/book for entry into our database

$35.00 Set-up fee - TO BE REFUNDED AFTER 5 SALES

                                                                                    DOWNLOAD GUIDE