Monkey Dance Honeymoon by Paul Thain

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This Play is the copyright of the Author and must not be Performed, Copied or Sold without the Author’s prior consent


The Stage is covered with sand, rising to a gentle heap upstage centre ...

Stage-right - a Unit in a poor African compound, signified by angled sheets of rusting
corrugated iron, up-turned oil drums, a small double bed, a cheap radio-cassette, the
Qur’an, and a meagre string of Christmas tree lights

Stage-left - a Unit in the luxury compound of Hotel Paradise, particularly a seashore patio,
signified by sun-beds, beach chairs, a table and parasol, and a bowl of tropical fruit
containing a telephone in the shape of a banana

Segregating these Units is a high wire-meshed Fence, stretching from USL to USC, then
curling down to DSR. The Fence is in two lengths, overlapping half-way, thereby
providing an “invisible” gap to facilitate quick access between the main acting areas

Begin in Black with a pre-recorded sequence, starting with a soft hissing whine

From Black, we hear Zoe, a Northerner, whispering to Nathan, a Londoner, both twenties ...

ZOE : Nathan ?  ... Nathan ? 

NATHAN : ... hm ?

ZOE: I still can’t believe we’re actually going to do it. 

NATHAN : No.  Me neither.

ZOE: You okay ?

NATHAN : Fine, I’m fine.

ZOE : You don’t look it.

NATHAN : I’m fine.

ZOE : Say you love me.

NATHAN : Zoe ... 

ZOE : Go on ...

NATHAN :Zoe, please ...

ZOE : Go on - two minutes time we could both be dead.

NATHAN : For fuck’s sake, woman.

ZOE: Well we could.

NATHAN : I know we could. I know we bloody could. Don’t you think I know that ? Don’t you think I’m aware of what could, what could ... yeh, okay, okay, I’m sorry, I’m a bit, a bit - I love you, ok ?

ZOE : A bit what ?

NATHAN : Leave it, will you ?

ZOE : Nathan, you’ve gone all sweaty, now come on - what is it, what’s wrong ? 

NATHAN : This is my first time.

ZOE : ... what ?  You mean you’ve never - ?

NATHAN : It’s ridiculous, I know it’s ridiculous, but I’ve always put it off, found excuses.

ZOE : Why didn’t you say ?


NATHAN : I thought I’d be okay, I thought I could handle it, I thought when the
time came I’d be all right, I even took hypnosis. 

ZOE : You didn’t ?

NATHAN : I did.  Zoe, I’m bloody terrified, I’m not even sure I can go through with it.

ZOE : You what ?

NATHAN : I’m sorry, angel, but -

..ZOE : . sorry ?  You’ve left it a bit bloody late….

NATHAN : ... however irrational, there’s part of me just doesn’t believe it’s physically possible. It’s the way I am, I can’t -

NATHAN : ... shit ...

ZOE : It’s all right.

NATHAN : ... bloody hell ...

ZOE : It’s perfectly normal.

NATHAN : ... jesus ...


Cicadas chant in the heat of a tropical sun

LIGHTS RISE on Jalamang, seventeen, a black African, standing
behind the Fence reading his “Complete Works of William
Shakespeare”.  He wears T-shirt, jeans and plastic flip-flops

The 737 approaches, squeals as it lands ...

Jalamang looks up, closes his book. He then presses his face
against the Wire fence and projects a whisper to an invisible Queue

JALAMANG : Hello.  Welcome.  Any newspaper, any magazine ?

A Tannoy pings into life and a female Voice announces ...

VOICE : Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Africa !

JALAMANG : Hello. Welcome. Any newspaper, any magazine ?

VOICE : Will all passengers please proceed to Passport Control and

Zoe & Nathan enter DSR and join the invisible Queue, each
carrying hand luggage. She wears a summer dress & sun-hat while
he wears thick trousers, rolled-up shirt and carries a winter jacket

JALAMANG : Hello.  Welcome. Any newspaper, any magazine ?

Nathan traps his shoulder-bag between his feet, then wafts himself
with a computer magazine

ZOE : Hot ?

NATHAN : No, no ... stiff wrist. 

ZOE : ... funny ...

NATHAN : Passengers waiting for the return flight to London Heathrow are
reminded the Duty Free Shop is now open.

ZOE : ! was half expecting you to drop to your knees and kiss the tarmac.
You know, like the Pope.  Aw, come on - you’re not still in a huff ? You are, aren’t you ? 

NATHAN : Sorry - were you talking to me ?

ZOE : Prhaps I was a touch insensitive.

NATHAN : (as the queue shuffles forward) ... a touch ?

ZOE : It was for your own good.  When I saw the blood drain from your
knuckles, I thought a bit of humour might help.

NATHAN : Eight miles high and approaching touchdown and it’s ” ... don’t you worry, pet -
flying’s perfectly safe, except for the last six inches”. That’s not humour, Zoe, that’s sadism.

ZOE : Terrible, aren’t I ? So how can I make amends?

JALAMANG : Hello.  Welcome.

ZOE : How can I appease my lord and master’s righteous indignation ?

JALAMANG : Any newspaper, any magazine ?

NATHAN : Eight letters, begins with ‘F’ - the closest a man comes to a woman’s mind.

ZOE : My oh my, what a surprise !

NATHAN : You did ask.

JALAMANG : Any newspaper, any magazine ?

Nathan’s seen Tasmeera enter - a beautiful black woman in her
early twenties, carrying a small suitcase and wearing an expensive
Western-style outfit.  He inhales lasciviously as she passes ...

ZOE :.. behave yourself !

NATHAN : Can’t I even look ?

ZOE : Not like that you can’t.

NATHAN : I’m a man, I come pre-programmed - pun intended.
ZOE : Bollocks.

NATHAN : Precisely.

Tasmeera decides to risk approaching Jalamang ...

TASMEERA   : Jalamang, what are you doing here ? Is it Yanks ? Is Yanks okay ?

JALAMANG : Yanks is fine, no problem.  I am trying to hustle newspapers. As you can see, I am not having much luck.

TASMEERA : But what about school ?

JALAMANG : Father die last week.

TASMEERA : Oh, Jalamang ...

JALAMANG : So much debt, now there is no money for school.

TASMEERA : Forgive me - I can’t stay, I have to go. 

JALAMANG : Yanks is waiting for you.

[end of extract]

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