It's ain't over 'til the Scientist sings by Linda Suda

This Play is the copyright of the Author and must NOT be Performed without the Author's PRIOR consent

MUSIC TEACHER/ ADVANCED STUDENT: Buona sera, Good evening to everyone
and welcome to __________ Elementary’s Opera production of IT
We are here tonight (today) to celebrate how the arts complete a
student’s total education. Where would our students be without the
visual arts, performing arts, and ballet? Well, I could go on
forever! Bene, la musica è meraviglioso modo inziare, in other
words, a wonderful way to start.

(Children enter the stage).

CHILD ONE: But please don’t! Do you have any idea how much time
you’re wasting talking about nothing at all?


CHILD TWO: Yeah! Right now I could be shooting a few hoops or
watching that ball game.

CHILD THREE: That’s just what I would expect to hear from a
Neanderthal like yourself. You never want to develop cosa è
veramente importante, or what is really important.

CHILD FOUR: And what might that be, pray tell? Attitude,

CHILD THREE: What do you mean by that remark? I don’t have any

CHILD FOUR: Oh, I’m sorry. I guess we under-achievers aren’t
allowed to associate with you over-achievers.

MUSIC TEACHER: Wait a minute, hold on! It seems to me there is a
lack of communication here. I’m not saying that the arts are the
most important part of your total education. However, I do believe
that without the arts, people in general might not be all that they
can be.

CHILD ONE: What is this, the Army?

MUSIC TEACHER: Oh, I think you know what I mean. Down through the
ages many great men and women of science were not only giants in their
field, but they also took the time to develop the other side of the

(Enter George Washington Carver)
CARVER: Ben detto! Unfortunately there never seemed to be enough
hours in the day to accomplish what I set out to do.

CHILD TWO: Who are you?

CARVER: Why, mi chiamo George Washington Carver.

CHILD ONE: Wait a minute, aren’t you, you know. . .

CHILD FOUR: Sleeping with the fishes? Pushing up daisies? . . as a

CHILD ONE: (to child four) I think he knows what I mean. So how did
you get here in the first place?

CARVER: Creatività, mio caro bambino. One goes where one is
needed. If you don’t mind, I would like to call upon a few of my
closest friends to help your cause. Without the arts in education
this world would indeed be un posto triste, very sad. May I?

(The entire cast of students enter as the music begins)

[End of Extract]

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