In Search for the Star by Rachel Loggins


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Myra walks over to her mother and gives her a kiss

Myra: Hey Mom . I missed you.

Sylvia: Hey sweetie. How was your day?

Cameron: (sarcastically speaking to Zariah) Hello I think I was
talking to mom first.

Sylvia: Don't be so rude to your sister. I told you about that.

Mya: What's cooking, mom? I skipped lunch since I had to use the
library to catch up on my science project. I'm about ready to smash

Sylvia: I'm making your favorite meatloaf. I could use some help
setting this table first ( glaring seriously at Cameron)

Cameron: What? I'll help. I just had to check my cell real quick. You
know the ladies be blowing up my phone!

Mya: (to Cameron)Nobody wants you!

Sylvia: (looks mad at Cameron) That's your problem you're always on
that crazy phone. You need to spend time scrolling through your math
books instead of scrolling through text messages from them fast girls.

Mya: Ain't that the truth! Mom, I can't wait to get my hands on that
meatloaf. You know you be putting your foot in it.

Cameron: Anyway, quick sucking' up. That's all you do.

(Harold comes in from a hard day at work looking kind of stressed out)

Harold: I heard you picking at your sister from the garage.

Sylvia: He always teasing her. I had to get on him a few times.

Harold: I don't have time to deal with you today, Cameron. I'm too
tired. Be more respectful and I'll leave it at that. Now what's for dinner?

Sylvia: My specialty. Meatloaf. Your plate is all ready for you baby

(Perry family sits down to eat dinner together)

Harold: So I need a family update. How's your science project coming sweetie?

Mya: Its fine dad. I spent time on it at lunch.

[end of extract]


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