Drummer Boys by Adalene Locke


This Play is the copyright of the Author and must NOT be Performed without the Author's PRIOR consent


SAM, GAWIN, and BERT step unto CS.

SAM: Hi! My name is Sam, I live in Kentucky, I became a drummer boy for the Civil War in 1862. The Civil War started on April 9th 1861. What happened was the Confederacy decided to attack Fort Sumtar in South Carolina. This started the Civil War.

BERT: HI! My name is Bert, I am friends with Gawin and Sam. The Civil War ended on April 9th 1865. I will tell you how it ended. General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant at the Battle of Appomattox Court House. Four Million Black Slaves were freed.

GAWIN: Hi! My name is Gawin, We lost a great deal of men, 650 thousand to 750 thousand died in battle. Our squadron didn’t know that the war ended until APRIL 18th 1865. We did not have a telephone back then to call and tell us.

SAM: Sit back and we hope you enjoy the show. SAM, GAWIN and BERT EXIT SL.



GAWIN and BERT are holding long sticks in there hands, they each have a plastic knife, ready to carve a hole in there sticks.

GAWIN: Wow, we found some good sticks today, we can use these sticks as rifles.

BERT: Ya, Gawin, I have an idea, we just have to bore a hole in the bottom of this stick to make it look more like a rifle.

GAWIN: Good idea!

GAWIN and BERT take out their knifes and start boring a hole in the end of their sticks. BERT: When I get older, I am going to be a soldier.

GAWIN: Me too Bert,we can be soldiers together! I am going to make Sarah proud of me. She is going to have to learn to milk Molly.

BERT: Ya, we can! It would be an honor. We can fight back to back!

GAWIN: Do you have your hole dug out yet? I have mine done. How does it look?

Looks good, let’s shoot the enemy! OK, we’ll get them.
BERT: Oh, I think I got wounded.

GAWIN: I got the one that did it. Now help me get the other ones.

BERT: Ok Gawin, I shot four more. They keep on coming.

GAWIN: We got to think of another plan, there are too many of them
BERT: Why not go behind that big tree,and then we can shoot them from there.
Good idea Bert, we better run before they see us.

Gawin and Bert run behind a big tree in the woods, they get their rifles ready to shoot more of the enemies when they heard something in the woods. Sam was lost in the woods.

SAM: Hey, what are you two doing in these woods?

GAWIN: We are just playing. What are you doing? Are you the enemy?

SAM: No, I’m not the enemy. I’m Sam, and I am looking for the soldier’s camp, have you seen it?

BERT: I haven’t seen a soldier’s camp. Gawin, have you seen a soldier’s camp?

GAWIN: No, I haven’t.

BERT: My name is Bert, and this is Gawin. Sam we might have
to take you as a prisoner, and when we find a soidier’s camp we will turn you in.

SAM: No, I really am looking for the soldier’s camp, I hope to find it before night fall.

GAWIN: We don’t know where the camp is. Maybe my older sister knows where it is. You can come home with me and we could ask her. She is a real good cook if you are hungry.

SAM: I’m hungry, I’ll go home with you, don’t tell your sister I’am looking for the soldier’s camp,

GAWIN: Why not tell my sister?

SAM: Your sister might try to locate my mother, she doesn’t know that I ran away. You see I want to be of a service to help the soldiers in the war. I want to enlist as a drummer boy.

GAWIN AND BERT: Drummer boy?

SAM: A drummer boy is a very important part of the war. They learn different drum beats as codes that only the soldiers and drummers know.

GAWIN: Sounds good. I want to be a drummer.

BERT: Me too!

SAM: You’re both welcome to come with me.

GAWIN: My sister makes bread on Wednesday, we are going to need supplies to bring with us.
BERT: You’re right, we can’t leave until Wednesday evening and we got to get a general direction where we are going.

GAWIN: What about the Town meeting tomorrow night, we can hang out, there is always someone talking about the war there.

BERT: Great idea, we can do this. I will tell my sister Christina that I will have to walk her to the Town Hall to protect her. SAM: Ok, what about me?

GAWIN: Keep low until we get everything we need, and we will go with you. You can help me with my chores and sleep in the barn until we get ready to leave.

SAM: Ok, sounds good to me.

BERT: I am getting hungry. Time to go home and I’ll see you both tomorrow night at the Town Meeting.



SCENE: A kitchen with a stove, sink, cabinets, a kitchen table with four chairs.
SARAH and CHRISTINA are siting at the table drinking tea. The tea kettle is on the stove and t A vase in the middle of the table with cut flowers. On the table is a small bowl with honey, and a ceramic milk pourer. Sam the cat is roaming around the kitchen trying to get Christina to pet him. Biscuits are baking in the oven.

SARAH: Would you like some more hot tea Christina?

CHRISTINA: Yes, I would, I really have to talk to you about an issue that has arisen due to the Civil War.
Sam you are so sweet, you know I love petting you.

SARAH: What would that be about, my dear?

SARAH went over to the stove, poured more tea for them

CHRISTINA: Well, the young boys are going into the camps of the
soldiers to learn how to be drummer boys.

SARAH: Drummer boys, what do you mean?

CHRISTINA: Well, a drummer boy is a young boy that is under the age of 18, and they teach them how to beat the drum while they are marching.

CHRISTINA sipped on her ginger tea, after she spooned in some honey and put some lemon in it.
SARAH: That is very dangerous for a boy. Who would take care of them? How old are these drummers?

CHRISTINA: They range in all ages, I heard that they even let a nine year old boy be a drummer.

SARAH: (Shocked)
How awful nine years old and a drummer?

CHRISTINA: He said he did not have a family and no place to go so the men adopted him.

SARAH: Let me check the biscuits in the oven. They must be done by now.

SARAH goes over to the oven, and takes out the biscuits. CHRISTINA: They look so good!

SARAH: These biscuits are done. They came out nice and fluffy. Yesterday, Gawin churned some butter. I’ll get it.

SARAH reaches into the cabinet and grabs the container of butter.

CHRISTINA: (looking around for Gawin)
Wheres Gawin? He should be having some of these hot biscuits.

SARAH: Gawin is outdoors playing with some of his friends. He has already done his chores for today.

CHRISTINA: Gawin is a hard working boy. I am glad that your brother is friends with my brother!

SARAH: I wouldn’t know what I would do without my little brother.

CHRISTINA: These biscuits are so sweet, did you put honey in them?

SARAH: Yes, I did, do you like them?

CHRISTINA: I love them!

SARAH: Thank you.

CHRISTINA: Will you be at the town meeting on Tuesday at 6pm? I’ll be there, it is suppose to be interesting, theyare going to talk about the war.

SARAH: I sure will, I would never miss a town meeting!

CHRISTINA: Thank you for the tea and the biscuits, I really have to get back home. Tonight is going to be cold and I want to start the fire burning in the fireplace.

SARAH: Good idea, see you on Tuesday night!

SARAH walks CHRISTINA to the door SL and gives her a hug, CHRISTINA smiles and waves bye as she starts to walk home.


SCENE: SARAH is busy cooking in the kitchen. when GAWIN and SAM entered SL.

GAWIN: Sarah, I invited my friend Sam over for supper tonight.

SARAH: (Turning from what she was doing to face Sam.)
Well, it is nice to meet you Sam.

SAM: It is nice to meet you too! Gawin told me that you are the best cook in town!

SARAH: Why thank you Gawin for saying that. Why don’t you both go and clean up while I put the meal on the table.

GAWIN and SAM exited SL. When they both came back into the kitchen they took a seat at the well set table. Sarah prepared mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, green string beans, and biscuits.

GAWIN: Let us say a prayer:
(They folded their hands and bowed their heads.)
Dear God, Thank you for helping us grow this food, so we may enjoy eating today.

SAM: Sarah, I want to thank you for this meal, it is very tasty!

SARAH: Thank you Sam, it’s getting late, you might as well stay here for tonight, I can give you a blanket and you can sleep on the couch by the fireplace. Of coursea game of checkers is in order before we go to bed.

SAM: Thank you Sarah, it is so kind of you to let me stay
the night.
SARAH: No problem Sam!

SARAH, GAWIN, AND SAM START TO CLEAR THE TABLE FOR A GAME OF CHECKERS. SARAH reaches into the cabinet for the checkers board, and places the board on the table.

GAWIN: Why don’t I play a game with Sam.

SARAH: That sounds good, I will make us all some tea.

SAM: I must warn you, that I play to win.

GAWIN: So do I!

SARAH places the tea on the table for SAM and GAWIN to drink, goes to the counter and grabs some tea for herself, walks over to the table and sits down.

SARAH: Sam, tell us about your family.

SAM: I live with my mother, when the war started, my father joined and we haven’t seen or heard from him since.

SARAH: Oh, Sam, I am so sorry to hear that.

SAM: Sarah, if you don’t mind me asking, what about your parents?

SARAH: My parents were killed in a train wreck. It was devastating to us. We live here alone. We grow our own food and have a cow named Molly.

SAM: Sarah and Gawin, I am so sorry to hear that.

GAWIN: Sometimes I can hear my mother and Dad’s voice and I sense their presents.

SAM: When I am alone I can feel my dad next to me and I can hear him tell me that everything will be alright. Gawin,are you sure you want to move your king there?

GAWIN: Hmmm, yah, I believe I do.

SAM triple jumps gawin’s remaining pieces and Sam wins.

GAWIN: I was planning on triple jumping you on my next turn.
SAM: I noticed that, but you didn’t notice that I could do the same on my turn.

SARAH: Well, I am ready for some good sleep. Good night.

SAM AND GAWIN: Good night Sarah!



SCENE: Early morning, SARAH is in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Home fries, eggs and biscuits. SAM the cat was still hiding. SARAH puts out a bowl of water for him. SARAH goes SL and yells out the door.

SARAH: Boys come to breakfast! Breakfast is ready.

GAWIN and SAM enter SL They take their seats at the table. Sam the cat was peering into the kitchen from the living room wondering if he should make his presence known.

GAWIN: Sarah, I heard there is a Town meeting tonight. Sam and I would like to escort you to that meeting.

SARAH: Escort me to the meeting. I am sure that I can get there by myself.

GAWIN: We want to protect you from any danger. We heard that there is a soldiers camp near by.

SARAH: Well, if you two would like to do that, I suppose it would be all right.

GAWIN: We can sit outside and wait for you to come out, and then we can walk you back home.

SARAH:You do not have to sit outside, you can sit inside with me. There is plenty of room and chairs.

GAWIN: Ok, that sounds good. My first Town Meeting that I have ever been to.

SARAH: I believe that you both will find it very interesting. I need to get some flour for tomorrow. You know I have to bake some more bread.

GAWIN: We should go into town after breakfast. I will bring my wagon to put the food in. I do want you to know that I have some extra money that i earned from odd jobs.

SARAH:Thank you for telling me that, we can buy something extra.

GAWIN: I thought we could buy some strawberries for a special treat!

SARAH: We sure could, and we can buy some Maple syrup also. I will make us some pancakes for breakfast tomorrow! I picked blueberries this morning while you were doing your chores!

SAM: You don’t mind if I stay an extra night with you, do you? I really don’t want to miss out on blueberry pancakes!

SARAH: Of course you can stay an extra night, you can stay as long as you wish Sam. I really enjoy you being here with us. It has just been Gawin and I for 2 years now, We have been doing good together but it would be nice to have another person.

SAM: Thank you Sarah, you are a blessing!


SCENE: A stone path leading to DL to DR. SARAH, GAWIN, and SAM are on the path walking towards DR. It is a beautiful spring day.It is so peaceful along the pathway. You can hear the birds chirping.

SARAH: I believe I should bring my sweater tonight when we walk to the meeting.

GAWIN: it’s getting colder. The trees are starting to sway and the wind is picking up.

SAM: I like this kind of weather, spring is my favorite time of the year! Ah, I can hear the birds chirping, I believe that was a cardinal!

GAWIN: Sarah, you make the best tasting oatmeal cookies, maybe you could make those tomorrow for us, along with the bread.

SARAH: Yes, I did see a cardinal Sam. I love the sound that they make! Gawin I will make you some cookies. We should have dinner tonight at 3:30 that way we will have plenty of time to get ready for the Town Meeting.

GAWIN: Sounds good, we shall be ready.

SARAH, GAWIN, and SAM exit DR.


SCENE: Sarah’s kitchen. TIME: Afternoon. GAWIN and SAM started to put away the food for Sarah. SARAH got busy preparing dinner.

GAWIN: Sam and I are going to play ball outside.

SARAH: Thank you for all your help today.

SAM and GAWIN exit SL. GAWIN and SAM enter with a ball DL.

SAM: Are you gonna miss your sister? I’m going to miss your sister. Your sister is so beautiful to me. I don’t know if I can live without her. I’ll serve in the Civil War and then I’ll come back here for your sister.

GAWIN: (Heartfelt)
Yes, but I feel that I have to do this to help the soldiers. I know she will be ok. I want her to be proud of me.I want to show her that I’m strong and courages.

SARAH: (Yelling out the door)
You boys get ready to eat I have everything prepared.

GAWIN and SAM exit DL, and then come into the kitchen from SL. GAWIN and SAM sat down at the table.
They had noodles covered with vegetables. Squash, Zucchini,mushrooms, onions, and carrots with tomato sauce, and Sarah’s corn bread.

SAM: Sarah this is delicious. You’re after my heart. You know what they say, when a women can cook she can have any man that she chooses!

SARAH: No, I did not know that Sam. I believe that we’ll have dessert when we get back from the Meeting.

GAWIN: That is a good idea Sarah.

SARAH: Thank you Gawin!

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