An African Story by Paul Leggat


This Play is the copyright of the Author and must NOT be Performed without the Author’s PRIOR consent

AN AFRICAN STORY or The Zebra Who Had No Stripes


A musical show for grade children aged 7 to 9.

The village elders tell their folk tale to the children around the night fire.

“Once upon a time ... there was a zebra that was born with no stripes”

We follow “Inda” the stripe-less zebra on his quest to “earn his stripes”.

A story with a few hidden morals.

Simple staging and drama with 21 speaking parts which can be expanded by splitting lines
or reduced by doubling up


1 narrator.
7 elders
4 zebra.
Inda (The stripe-less zebra)
Lots of monkeys
1 lion
1 snake
1 crocodile
1 elephant.

Inda and his 2 zebra friends are double cast to give equal speaking roles to more children

You may choose to have 1 child in each role if you wish



Narrator enters to lectern. (Stage left)

Children sitting on lower. A stick fire is in the centre.

Group of elders and children enter to sit on the risers, elders on the top level,

Each time an elder speaks, s/he stands.

Narrator 1: In an African village like this one, stories were passed on from generation
to generation by word of mouth. The village elders would gather around the night fire and
tell their stories to wide-eyed children. Each time a story was told it would be more and
more wonderful. Let’s listen in to tonight’s story ...

Narrator goes to sit with children

Elder 1: Once upon a time, many years ago in the country of Kenya, East Africa,
a little Zebra was born who had no stripes.

Children: No stripes?

Elder 1: Yes, he was one colour all over! ..... No stripes at all! .....
He looked like a little horse. His name was Inda.

“Inda” stands in front of them.

Elders and Children stand.

Children: OOOOOO000000oooooo! (Amazement)

Zebra group 1 enter in a line from stage L. 2 stripy zebras stand on risers at front.



Earn Your Stripes

Life offers us some challenges,

You’re sort of mono-tone all over,

Zebras whistle (or pretend to whistle)

And yours is plain to see,

Zebras whistle (or pretend to whistle)

Zebras whistle (or pretend to whistle)

Where you should be all,


(Zebra) You’ve Gotta’,

(All) Earn your stripes,

(Zebra) You’ve Gotta’,

(All) Follow your quest,

(Zebra) You’ve Gotta’,

(All) Find a way to earn your stripy vest.

VERSE 2 (Not included on MP3)

When things get difficult to handle,

You’ve got to keep in mind, remember,

Zebras whistle (or pretend to whistle)

Your way is hard to see,

Zebras whistle (or pretend to whistle)

Zebras whistle (or pretend to whistle)

You want to be all,



(Last time the zebras do not sing “You’ve Gotta’”. Join with “all”)

Children and elders sit.

Inda 1: Oh no! What am I going to do? What is a quest anyhow, and
where am I going to get a set of stripes? I have no idea what to do!

I might as well go this way.

(Pointing stage left – walks stage right)


The zebras slowly walk off to the beat.

You Gotta’ Walk The Walk

You gotta’ walk the walk,

You gotta’ talk the talk,

You gotta’ hop,

You gotta’ skip,

You gotta’ keep on the ball,

Keep your legs a movin,

And your head up in the air,

On the path of life.

Repeat X 3

Elder 2: And so Inda, the stripe-less Zebra and his friends began their quest .....
They headed for the rainforest, but many great dangers lay in waiting .....

Children: Whistling. Croaking. Squawking. Shrieking. Laughing. Hooting.

Elder 2: (Shouted) STOP! ............. (Spoken) What was that sound? Who was
watching the Zebras as they entered the rain forest?

As they entered the rainforest they heard many strange sounds.

Cawing. Buzzing. Groaning. Chattering. Hissing.



A Stake Out For A Take Out

Deep in the heart of the jungle,

Where no one can hear you shout,

Where the air is so thick you can cut it with a stick,

A snake was hanging out.

Deep in the heart of the jungle,

That snake was working up an appetite,

And dreaming of a plump boy scout.

It was a stake out a snake out,

A serpent looking for a take out,

A serpent looking for a take out.

Deep in the heart of the jungle,

Came Inda on his big day out,

Looking for a way to earn some stripes,

Unaware that danger was about.


Of this there is no doubt,

A stake out a snake out,

The Zebras walk to stage front as the song ends.

Python enters from stage R.

Python: Hello there my dear little Zzzzzebras, where are you going Ssssso

Zebra 1: Our friend here is on a quest to earn his stripes. You see, he doesn’t have any!

Python: How Sssssad ..... I think I might have a Sssssolution. Why not slip inside my
coils and I will Ssssqueeze you sssome ssstripes.

Inda 1: Okay!

Zebra 2: Don’t do that. He wants to eat you.

Zebra 1: Zebra is off the menu. Ssssee Yah you Ssssneaky Ssssserpent! Come on let’s go.



[end of extract]