9:37 by Wendy Simeon

This Play is the copyright of the Author and must NOT be Performed without the Author's PRIOR consent

Cast List
Katie: 25/35 Years Old
Pearl: 45/55 Years Old
Tony: 30/40 Years Old

Opening Scene

Dimly lit, beautifully decorated and furnished bedroom. The sound of a mobile phone ringing breaks the silence.
A male arm (Tony) reaches out the covers, picks up the phone that is on the bedside table, and answers

TONY: Hello (sleepily)
Tony sits up; next to him Pearl stirs groans slightly
PEARL: Who is it?

Tony signals to her

TONY: Ssshh

Tony listens to the voice on the phone, gets out of the bed walks towards the window, with the phone between his ear and his shoulder.

TONY: I'm just going in to work now, did you need something mate?
Tony listens

TONY: No no, I was just a bit preoccupied last night

Tony opens the curtains and tries to open the window but can't, the window is stuck

TONY: Bloody hell
The person on the other end speaks

TONY: No nothing (Tony closes the curtains again) Listen, mate, I'll see you later this evening.
He listens
TONY: No no, no worries, it's all sorted

Tony listens while looking for his clothes

TONY: Yeah, yeah it's fine. See you later. Some of us have work to do!

Tony listens and laughs.

TONY: You call that work!

Tony ends the call. And turns to Pearl in the bed

TONY: Why don't you get that bloody window fixed
PEARL: Was that Alex on the phone?
TONY: Yes, and he nearly heard you

Tony puts on his trousers and shirt

TONY: We need to be careful

Tony looks for and puts on his socks

PEARL: I don't want to be careful
TONY: And what about Alex?
PEARL: He will have to know eventually
TONY: Eventually yes, but not now.

Tony gets his shoes on

TONY: It's not just Alex we need to be careful of, is it?

Tony goes to the bed, and kisses Pearl on the forehead. Pearl grabs his arm and pulls him towards her, to kiss her on her mouth. Tony abruptly pulls away from her before she can kiss him.

TONY: I have to go, and besides, your carer will be here soon

Tony walks to the dresser by the window and picks up a bottle of pills

PEARL: Oh shut up

Tony puts two of the tablets in his hand

TONY: Well she is your carer
PEARL: You know I hate the word carer! It makes me feel like an ugly old woman. I hate it

Tony walks towards her with the tablets.

TONY: Well you're a beautiful goddess to me

Tony sits on the side of the bed and attempts to put the tablets in her mouth.

PEARL: No, (she moves his hand with the tablets) Kiss me
TONY: You have to take these first (he moves his face closer as to kiss her, but stops)
Pearl raises her head to try and capture the kiss with her lips, Tony moves further back.
TONY: come on, take these
PEARL: Just kiss me, Tony, Please..... I promise I will have my tablets later. When Jenny gets here, I will have them with my tea
TONY: I thought you didn't like being an old woman, depending on a carer?
PEARL: Tony!
TONY: Well that's what she will think, won't she?
PEARL: Is that what you think?
TONY: No, I'm different, aren't I? I know you, don't I? I love you, that is why I'm helping you.

He puts the tablets in her mouth and gives her the glass of water from the side table she drinks. He kisses her forehead and gets up, starts to walk towards the door

TONY: I'll call someone about that window

Pearl swallows the tablets down

PEARL: No leave it, the small window at the top opens if I want.

Tony shakes his head in disappointment and opens the bedroom door.

PEARL: Are you angry?.. (Tony goes out the door) Why are you angry?.... it's just a window?... Tony

Tony slams the door behind him. She hears him going into the bathroom. She waits slightly sitting up resting on her elbow, looking towards the door, listening for him to finish. The toilet flushes, the water runs, silence. The bathroom door opens.


Tony’s footsteps can be heard going down the stairs.


The front door opens and slams shut.
Pearl lays back down, sad and confused.

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