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Zoya’s Apartment

6 Male, 3 Female

Mikhail Bulgakov - Translated by Nicholas Saunders… Price: $9.99

The apartment is a brothel in Moscow and Zoya is the brassy madam, indefatigable in her desire to leave Soviet society behind and emigrate to Paris. The brothel's front is that of a dressmaking shop and her girls are "models"

Mayhem ensues when the police raid one of Zoya's "fashion shows," trashing the apartment. Now, she really must leave

"A satire about survival in the Soviet bureaucratic Eden. Now that Eden is breaking into a million pieces, the play again has a certain relevance" ~ N.Y. Post

"An astute observation of human ingenuity in conflict with clumsily determined bureaucracy, Zoya's Apartment runs a course from broad farce to lethal melodrama" ~ Christian Science Monitor

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