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Zara or Who Killed the Queen of the Silent Screen?

6 Male, 4 Female

Angela Randazzo Price: $9.99

Tried out and perfected in production at the small theatre on the Universal Studios lot in California, this comedy thriller is now ready!

Seances, ghosts and the jazz age are all part of the murder of Zara St. Cyr, the fascinating film star

Sixty years after the crime, Martin James, a writer, is determined to find out "who done it"

Martin and his wife Susan move into Zara's beach house

A mysterious gypsy arrives - and magic soars

Martin and Susan are thrust into the nostalgic past where they find Zara alive and kicking

She insists Martin is Gilbert Van Cleef, the movie director

During the stormy night, tension builds as Zara's house guests reveal their motives for murder

Among them are: Vilma and Verla Violetta, Zara's ex-vaudeville aunts; Baron Dashiell Dragonette, an unscrupulous Englishman; Max, Dragonette's skimming nephew; and Carlo Bontifiorri, Zara's secretary

Caught up in the intrigue, Martin believes he is Gilbert Van Cleef and becomes a suspect himself

Will he discover who killed Zara and return to the present or will he be trapped forever in the past under the spell of the delightfully devious Zara St. Cyr?

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