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Your Breath in Art - Acting from Within

Beatrice Manley Price: $16.95

The Art of Breath and Everyday Performance

"I hear with my breath, I get frightened with my breath. When I fall in love the breath knows it first. I feel furious and the breath registered the emotion, long before the brain catches on" ~ Beatrice Manley

This nuanced and quirky collection of expert advice and observations once reserved for actors has been especially formatted for a new generation and a broader audience interested in:

-- Breathwork

-- Mindfulness

-- Personal Presence

-- Presentation

-- Authenticity

Enjoy the widely-applicable wisdom accumulated from a lifetime on the stage in the wry, entertaining, and astute style of a master of her craft


Beatrice Manley had an acclaimed 60-year theater career centered in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, distinguishing herself on stage in tragedy and comedy, classical and modernist works, and ultimately as a beloved teacher and acting coach

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