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Young Women’s Monologs from Contemporary Plays - Auditions for Aspiring Actresses - VOLUME TWO

Gerald Lee Ratliff - ed Price: $15.95

So well-liked was the first collection of these contemporary monologues that there's now this sequel by popular demand ...

This collection of 82 monologues explores the possibility of living lovingly as equals in our modern world

They're organized in chapter themes with brief sketches to set the scene and they feature well-known playwrights such as Arthur Miller, Wendy Wasserstein, August Wilson as well as many superb, emerging new writers

There are also several original monologues written especially for classroom discussion and exploration

These include ...

  • The Last Yankee by Arthur Miller
  • Boy Meets Girl by Wendy Wassersteln
  • The Underpants adapted by Steve Martin
  • Romantic Fools by Rich Orloff
  • Voices from September 11 by Lavonne Mueller
  • Funnylogues for Women by Mort Kaufman et al
  • W.A.C. Iraq by Mel Nieves

    And many more!

    See also companion Volume One by clicking here

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