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Young Scarlett Hood (and the Desperately Wicked Wolves)

Large Mixed Cast

Andrew Manners Price: $8.95

Whatever happened to Little Red Riding Hood when she became the teenage Young Scarlett Hood and how did her parents cope?

These developments turn out to be remarkably recent but all can now be revealed!

While she and her best friend Cindy Rellar plan an all-night party, the W.O.L.V.E.S. gather in Charlie's Bar, bemoaning their repeated failures as gangsters, until the sophisticated Foxy Loxy convinces them that they can plan for a life of affluence by kidnapping Scarlett.

Snow White, Jack (of beanstalk fame), Sultan (the genie of the bicycle lamp) and the Seven Little Kids all get wrapped up in the story and famous detective Ivor Clue is soon hot on the trail which is observed throughout by three tea-swilling road-workers, who eventually help solve this "mystery romp"?

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