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You Were Born on a Rotten Day

Large Mixed Cast

Christopher Sergel Price: $9.99

This spoof will probably set astrology so far back that the ancient Chaldeans will have to start over!

The play begins with an unexpected astrologer in direct and devastating communication with your audience

This wild astrologer, we secretly discover, is actually the quiet and sincere high school science teacher who couldn't get adequate funds to equip his classroom

In a sense, this comic spoof becomes a modern retelling of the classic situation in which astronomers could only get help for scientific study by telling horoscopes

In the disguise of an outrageous astrologer, our modern science teacher rediscovers the same thing—the world is his, along with the girl he cares about, if he'll just remain an astrologer!

This is a comedy in which hilarity is ascending and, if you produce it, our unofficial horoscope says your house will be full!

Cast M8,F18

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