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You Have to Serve Somebody

3 Male, 5 Female

Werner Trieschmann Price: $9.99

Can you juggle sticky desserts while wearing a big sombrero and singing "Happy Birthday"?

Can you placate the customer who says the soup tastes like Lysol?

Can you deal with the fact that your dreams are on hold because you have to serve somebody?

In this fast-paced comedy, three waiters Denny, Hector and Cassandra are cogs in the machine of America's service economy

Denny, a frustrated artist who longs to spend more time painting her portraits of feet, serves at the Waves of Grain

Hector is at the Taco Circus, trying to remember whether the Day of the Dead Quesadillas serves four or six, while hapless Cassandra struggles to keep her sanity and her orders straight at the mysterious, upscale Epee

And as the customers are a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal, they aren't the easiest lot to serve

Sandy and Harvey aren't afraid to ask for special treatment

Retired Marvin and Millie are working hard to find an epiphany and a good steak

And brash, no-nonsense gallery owner Abeline is an altogether pain

Eventually, the dreams and hopes of the servers and the served collide, and the mess is hilarious and heartwarming

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