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You Caught Me Dancing

0 Male, 1 Female

Bernard Sabath Price: $9.99

The story is about Katy Leary who for 30 years was servant and companion to Sam "Mark Twain" Clemens

The time is six months after his death in 1910. Katy, 47, is closing the family home

Now that Clemens, his wife and two of their daughters are gone, Katy must make a new life

Will she accept a housekeeping job with another illustrious family, buy into a New York City boarding house with an old friend, or marry a former beau who reappears and proposes marriage?

Chatting and reminiscing with an unseen friend, Katy ponders the choices as she packs her belongings and prepares to leave

This script offers an actress a rewarding role that challenges every bit of comedic and dramatic skill she possesses

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