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2 Male, 2 Female

Anna Jordan Price: $12.99

2013 Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting

Yen explores a childhood lived without boundaries and the consequences of being forced to grow up on your own

Hench is sixteen, Bobbie is thirteen

They live alone with their dog Taliban, playing PlayStation, watching porn


Sometimes their chaotic mum Maggie visits

And occasionally she passes out on the front lawn

But when Jenny knocks on the door the boys discover a world far beyond what they know

A world full of love and possibility

And danger


"A very relevant, emotional, and entertaining piece of art" ~ The Good Review

"Yen is phenomenal" ~ Upstaged Manchester

"A gripping and compassionate play" ~ The Stage

"The dynamic range of Jordan's writing is extraordinary. It's rare for a play to encompass such extremes of violence and tenderness ... achieves the uncommon feat of being difficult to watch yet easy to love ... Anyone with a yen for consummately well-crafted drama should seek it out" ~ Guardian

"Shocking and hilarious ... tender and heart-breaking ... an absolute triumph. Anna Jordan's writing is witty, honest and profoundly moving. She is one to watch" ~ The Public Reviews

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