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4 Male, 4 Female

Del Shores Price: $9.99

Winner! 2012 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award

This dramatic comedy chronicles a year in the life of the perfect family in Vicksburg, Mississippi ...

Bobby Westmoreland, a high school football coach, and his wife Kate, a respected therapist, have two ambitious children in high school

Their son Dayne is the golden football star while their daughter Gracie is an overly-dramatic actress

Gracie’s best friend is a young gay boy, Kendall, who is at constant odds with his abusive, fundamentalist mother, Sister Timothea

The play opens with the start of the football season and high school auditions for “Oklahoma”

Everything falls apart when an unexpected tragedy rocks the Westmoreland family to the breaking point

Yellow explores the themes of cowardice, intolerance and the damage caused to families by secrets, rejection and the difficulty of forgiveness

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