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Yard Gal

0 Male, 2 Female

Rebecca Prichard Price: $9.99

Yard Gal follows the doings of Marie and Boo, two teenage girlfriends whose spliffing, scheming, thieving and raving with their gang of girls may help them pass difficult days in inner city London, but will it hold them together or break them apart?

When Marie is stabbed by Wendy, a girl from a rival gang, she ends up in the hospital where she learns that she's pregnant

But after her release, Marie's pregnancy doesn't stop her from furiously going after Wendy in a nightclub with a broken bottle. Boo, devoted friend, takes the rap for Wendy's murder. But while Boo serves time in jail for a crime she didn't commit, Marie gives birth and turns her life around. It is the ultimate test of these girls' friendship

Uncompromising in its language and treatment of London gang life, Yard Gal is a finely drawn picture of life on the edge

"Ms. Prichard has an undeniable gift for finding a spontaneous-seeming poetry in an urban patois fed by diverse ethnic rivers" ~ NY Times

"Initially humorous in tone, the story of their lives darkens with each passing moment…Prichard's hard-edged, foul-mouthed, but not entirely unsentimental play views the girls' wild world with a compassionate eye" ~ Star Ledger

"Yard Gal sets out to capture today's street toughs with precision" ~ NY Daily News

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