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Writer’s Cramp or How Will Shakespeare Got Into Show Biz

5 Male, 2 Female

Larry Glaister Price: $9.99

Shakespeare was born in 1564, but after early adolescence, historians lose track of him until 1590

By then he's already married, the father of three and a full-fledged, wildly successful young actor and playwright!

The "lost years" have confounded scholars for generations

Until now ...

Writer's Cramp or How Will Shakespeare Got Into Show Biz gleefully fills in the gaps!

It begins in 1585 when Will is a 21-year-old dreamer and a jobless father of three

He'd much rather cavort with children and fiddle with phrases than worry about putting bread on the table

Small wonder then his older and long-suffering wife, Anne, is easily distracted by the amorous attentions of Hamnet - a profligate neighbor with insatiable appetites

But how can they consummate the attraction when Will is always underfoot?

A series of fool's errands to get Will out of the house almost works

But the steamy tryst is spoiled by one intrusion after another...

Screaming babies

A giddy adolescent girl

And a band of strolling players

Poverty, lust and gender confusion rock everyone's boat

But in the end fortune smiles on the aspiring young poet

Single interior set - runs about 100 minuntes

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