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Woman from the Town

1 Male, 5 Female

Samm Art Williams Price: $9.99

Lila Wilson has returned to her roots, to the North Carolina farm where she was raised, which she left 27 years ago under a dark cloud of moral indignation. Pregnant out of wedlock, she was run out of town on a rail

She has become a very wealthy, successful real estate developer in New York City since that dark day, and now she has returned for revenge against the people who treated her so unkindly

It seems economic times are dire now down home, and Lila starts buying up homes and farms under default on their mortgages, to turn their inhabitants out. Almost too late, she realizes that those who deserve pay back are long in their graves, and that those who remain are innocent bystanders

"The play provides a compelling area for conflict with its interesting combination of rural and urban development. The obligations to the land and the lure of the city are central to the play's tension, and in an age of increasing family loyalty, it is refreshing to see a story so deeply committed to the soil of our beginnings" ~ L.A. Sentinel

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