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Woman From the Other Side of the World

1 Male, 3 Female

Linda Faigao Hall Price: $9.99

Emilya, a young Filipino woman, has come to the United States with her son, Jason, to start a new life after the death of her husband

A nanny, Ines, is sent to help, bringing with her beliefs and ways from the old world

Ines tells Jason riveting stories of fairies, angels, ogres and magical chants and lullabies

Emilya considers her superstitious and ignorant, rejecting her mysticism

However, Ines has observed a deep confusion and rage in Emilya and, wanting to purge her of her pain, casts a spell and lays healing hands on her

The appearance of a spirit, which Emilya recognizes, breaks her resistance and reveals her past

Forced by her father to marry a wealthy landowner, Emilya suffered physical and psychological abuse from her violent husband

Pushed beyond her limits, she murdered her husband, and, unsuspected, fled to the United States

Now, confronted by her crime, she must come to terms with her guilt

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