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William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead

9 Male, 2 Female

John Heimbuch Price: $9.99

“A true and accurate account of the 1599 zombie invasion at the Globe Theatre”

William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead explores the Elizabethan era of Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and Queen Elizabeth - all of whom are struggling to survive a zombie attack!

During an argument in which Will Kemp is thrown out of the theater for refusing to acknowledge Falstaff’s death in Henry V, a costume designer is mysteriously bitten by a zombie, causing all Hell to break loose

As the Globe becomes a quarantine-zone in a zombie-riddled London, the characters must learn how to survive amongst both the undead and each other ...

“John Heimbuch's script is witty, clever, peppered with self-referential humor and wonderful wordplay on some of the Bard's best lines" ~ Brian Leehan, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"If there's one show that deserves to be resurrected after the Fringe, it's John Heimbuch's brilliant and hilarious zombies-meet-Shakespeare epic ... If you know Shakespeare, you'll be roaring as the show lampoons everything about the Bard and ludicrously re-uses famous lines while the heroes battle invading zombies ..." ~ Renee Valois, Saint Paul Pioneer Press


WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (35) − Player, playwright
RICHARD BURBAGE (31) − Player and theatre manager
WILL KEMP (40s) − Player, clown, and Morris dancer
JOHN RICE (teens) − An apprentice player
KATE BRAITHWAITE (30s) − The attiring woman
JOHN SINKLO (30s) − A hired player
FRANCIS BACON (38) − Lawyer, courier, philosopher
SIR ROBERT CECIL (36) − The Queen’s spymaster
QUEEN ELIZABETH (65) − The Queen of England
DOCTOR JOHN DEE (71) − An astrologer and mathematician
SOLDIER 1 − A recruiting officer
SOLDIER 2 − A soldier of the Queen’s guard


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