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Wiley and the Hairy Man - PLAY

Large Mixed Cast

Suzan Zeder Price: $10.95

A Joseph Jefferson Award winner for an Outstanding Children Play

"Outwit the Hairy Man three times and he won't scare you ever again"

So says Mammy

Trembling, Wiley sets out for the woods, prepared to confront the Hairy Man

Can he look fear in the face and outwits it?

Set deep within the mysterious Tombigbee Swamp, the play centers around a young fatherless boy, his conjure-woman mother, his faithful dog

And the Hairy Man who haunts Wiley's days and dreams

Through rhythm and rhyme, a chorus creates the mystery of the swamp

The magic of this play is not fairy dust - it's soil. the magic of survival, the magic of the earth and the mud of the swamp

In an exciting duel of wits, Wiley learns to rely upon his own resources and conquers two villains: the Hairy Man and his own fear

The actors become the woods, the cabin, and all the props, making the play imaginatively stimulating and easy to mount

Runs about 70 minutes - Area staging

M3,F1 + 4 Either + Chorus 4 - 12

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