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Wilderness of Mirrors

2 Male, 3 Female

Charles Evered Price: $15.95

“The cloak-and-dagger drama lures its audience into a story of betrayal and shattered trust. An elusive Yale professor recruits a bright, but reluctant, young student for a career in wartime espionage

Evered has crafted a…taut tale of friendship, trust and ultimate heartbreak and betrayal” ~ Variety

“Spellbinding…masterful…heartbreaking. An exciting, intelligent and important addition to the theatrical repertoire” ~ Home News Tribune

“Gripping … Riveting” ~ The Star Ledger “Theatrically effective and intellectually rewarding … Evered’s spine chilling spy story draws us in like the best of bedtime page turners” ~ U S 1

Originally produced by The Harper Joy Theater in Walla Walla WA

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