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5 Male, 7 Female

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During a backyard football game with his kid brother, 15-year-old Jamie starts recalling fragments of the dream he had the night before

As he relates what he can remember, his singer/songwriter mother and his older hippie-chick sister, Mona, are fascinated and try to interpret it

As Jamie continues his recollection, the characters in his dream begin to appear — the Hunter, the Vampire-like Greenlady, the Wolves and Wildboy

Wildboy is wounded and is being stalked by the Hunter

Jamie is struggling to help Wildboy find the healing waters

Later, when Jamie tells his dream to his girlfriend, Allison, new fragments spontaneously appear around him

While it is obvious to everyone that the dream relates to Jamie’s father and to the boy’s current state of mind, what can the full dream really mean?

What does the wounded Wildboy need to survive and flourish?

With his family’s support, Jamie begins to understand this dream and what is truly important in his waking life

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