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Wild Side includes The Argument

Donald Cammell & China Kong Price: $16.95

In 1996 Donald Cammell committed suicide leaving just four feature films in a career loaded with problems and frustration. Best known for PERFORMANCE, the cult classic he co-directed with Nic Roeg, WILDSIDE, was to be his last film, a dark and tense psychosexual thriller, written and directed in the unmistakable style of the Edinburgh born director. Following acrimonious creative disputes Cammell removed his name from the film and it was released straight to video in a version bereft of its intelligence and vision. The film has subsequently been recut and restored by Cammell's long-term editor, Frank Mazzola, using Cammell's notes, storyboard, and rough video cut, revealing to cinema audiences for the first time the final artistic vision Cammell intended. Cammell is widely recognised as one of British cinema's most important directors This screenplay is released to coincide with the theatrical release of the film, which premiered to rave reviews at the Edinburgh Film Festival. The screenplay is annotated throughout and contains numerous footnotes by Frank Mazzola on the inclusion of particular scenes. The film carries an entirely new soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto

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