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Why We Like Love Stories

2 Male, 2 Female

Stephen Gregg Price: $9.99

In the hills above Pin Cushion, California, students gather to talk of the world, flirt and yearn

It’s a place where heartbreak awaits

In a La Ronde-style chain, Chloe breaks up with her boyfriend, Crooper

Months later, Crooper ineptly attempts to break up with Jessica, his girlfriend of seven months

She’s furious - particularly as was in the middle of declaring her love for him!

Months later, a calmer Jessica rebuffs Bark

And then things come Full Circle

Bark and Chloe — outsiders both — take an awkward, fumbling-for-words walk in the hills

Chloe has a secret

But Bark’s reaction gives the Circle a surprising connection that - for the moment at least - promises a bright future

Why We Like Love Stories is a wistful comedy about the things we learn from the people we have loved

The play has four great parts for high-school actors, each written with a combination of intelligence, warmth and whimsy

One-act, runs about 25 minutes

And the Performance Rights are available throughout the world

M2,F2 or 4 Either

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