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Whodunnit - A Witty Pastiche of Agatha Christie

7 Male, 3 Female

Anthony Shaffer Price: $9.99

This Broadway success by the author of the brilliant Sleuth takes audiences to Agatha Christie's England ...

... where six strangers and a butler have gathered for a black tie dinner in a wealthy lawyer's mansion during a thunderstorm

The guests include an aged rear admiral, a bitchy aristocrat, a doddering old archeologist, a dashing young cad and other Christie type

One of the guests is an oily Levantine who privately tells each of the others that he has the goods to blackmail them

He is thus ripe for murder and soon his murder happens

But whodunnit?

"A torrent of merriment ... heavy with excitement, crackles with repartee, rings the bell with epigrams, and detonates depth charges of laughter ... Converts the theatre into a discotheque of explosive delight with enough riotous surprises to supply another mystery dramatist with a trunkful of plays" ~ New York Magazine

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