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Who Shot Willie?

3 Male, 3 Female

Harold Bassage Price: $7.99

Lights up to reveal the suspicious corpse of Mr William Black

Upon seeing her recumbent husband, Henrietta White Black exclaims, "What a pity! Now you won't be able to go to that clambake on Saturday"

Who could've been so crazy to do the rich old man in?

It could be anyone, after all, everyone is carrying a gun

Is it Henrietta's brother, who just happens to be hiding behind a curtain, wearing Elizabethan clothing, carrying a gun?

Or perhaps it's Muggy Brown, Mr Black's garage mechanic, who simultaneously is hiding under the coffee table

But then, it could be Tom, the youthful, bare-chested stage manager

With the help of Gabby, a part time policewoman housewife, the two women go about stumbling upon clues until the killer ...well, it's an ending you’ll never guess

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