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Who Shall Be Happy ... ?

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Trevor Griffiths Price: $9.99

It is 1794 and Danton, the hero of the French Revolution, has been betrayed and jailed amid the terror he helped unleash. To confound any attempt to free the fabled prisoner, a convicted actor is kept in an identical cell at another location

Danton employs all his guile to convince his guard that he is the decoy, win his trust and get him to convey a letter to the outside world to effect his liberation. But is this really Danton? Or the actor? Or a madman?

"A barnstorming drama of infinite subtlety. The plot and both its characters are achieved with the skill and richness of a master at work" ~ Daily Mail

"Pins down the past and reverberates in the present triumphantly.... This is political theatre at its most intelligent and Griffiths' best play in years" ~ Guardian

"Burns with oratory and passion" ~ Observer

"A purely theatrical beast with a passionate vitality" ~ London Times

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