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Who Needs a Waltz

3 Male, 4 Female

Fred Carmichael Price: $9.99

Ex spies Reggie and Alan return from retirement to catch an international art thief. The culprit is among the two girls posing as Reggie's only daughter, the boy friend of one of them, the overly romantic maid, and the Head of the Department who is drugged and standing in a closet

"Though still as dependably funny as always, Mr. Carmichael's play is more concerned with characterization than situation. The two chief characters are spies who, having once been a team, though retired for twenty years, are brought back together to do a single job. The only hitch is that they had fallen in love long ago and only a fluke prevented their marriage. A good deal now happens but, contrary to expectations, not the expected" ~ Williamstown News

"The two had gone their separate ways she into marriage, motherhood, and suburbia, and he into carefree philandering and far reaching adventure.... The bantering between the former lovers is especially sophisticated and even thought provoking" ~ Glenns Falls News

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