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Who Dunit?

5 Male, 7 Female

C B Gilford Price: $9.99

What happens when a famous mystery writer is murdered, goes to Heaven and discoverís that not even St. Michael knows who murdered him?

Thereís only one answer: Saint Michael sends him back to earth to relive the past twenty-four hours of his life in order to solve the murder before it is committed

The writer discovers everybody he knows has a good reason to kill him!

And then - is he just going to sit there and let it happen a second time?

So the writer must outwit both the murderer and the Archangel Michael

It first ran as a short story in Ellery Queenís Mystery Magazine, and was later a hit on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, translated into a dozen foreign languages, reprinted in several anthologies

One of the most original comedy-mystery plots of all time

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