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When the Nerds Bit Beverly Hills

Large Mixed Cast

Cynthia Mercati Price: $10.95

Count Cosmo Dracula and family move into the Hollywood mansion left them by their Uncle Igor, and decide to open up a summer camp to make some money

They donít exactly get the class of campers they expected ó they get a trio of nerds, in fact, but thatís ok, since the courses the Draculas are offering arenít your usual run of the mill basket-weaving types of classes

Granny makes creatures in her lab, not brownies

Science teacher Wendy wants to start off with explosives, and mom Dracula Malicia, whose father was a Frankenstein, wonders if she couldnít teach brain surgery

But snobbish Sybil and her cheerleading proteges, along with their frat friends donít feel that people like the Draculas and the nerds belong in their lovely little world

Theyíre determined to close down the camp!

The war between the nerds and the snobs is on!


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