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West Texas Massacre

4 Male, 6 Female

Edward Crosby Wells Price: $7.99

In this melodrama within a melodrama Marsha is the Queen of a West Texas community theatre

With her, it is always about Marsha – Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Marsha is having an affair with Doctor Hal. Marsha’s husband, Mike, is having an affair with Alyson

Alyson - botoxed and liposuctioned - is the pretender to the Queen’s throne

Is Bill the teacher having an affair with one of his students?

Marsha’s world is filled with intrigue, back-stabbing, secret board meetings and double-dealings

We learn all about the actors and their diabolical plots as they perform Massacre at Dirty Gulch, a rootin’-tootin’ old-time melodrama, written, directed and starring none other than – Marsha!

Marsha plays Mary Holiday whose illegitimate daughter is abducted by Indians

The Indian Princess Desert Flower, played by Alyson, sheds her feathers and we discover her to be none other than Mean Mabel Wiggens, the She-Scourge of the West

Marsha’s husband plays Bad Bart Blackey who is in cahoots with Mean Mabel

Marsha’s daughter plays Mary’s daughter who returns to be reunited with her mother after many years of back-aching work in a house of ill repute

Was it the Bible or a bullet that done-in Madam Lillie?

The two melodramas quickly become intermingled with enough devious-doings to curl the moustache on Fu Manchu

And then, of course, there is a Massacre ...

Oh, what bloody fun!


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