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We’ll Meet Again - Script

Gawen Robinson & Keith Dawson Price: $19.95

Set just before the outbreak of World War 2, We’ll Meet Again follows the exploits of a group of children as they learn new skills at school - donning gas masks, hearing sirens and being instructed in the safety of the air-raid shelters

At the outbreak of War, we see the children at the railway station making their tearful farewells before evacuation

All this takes place during what was known as the "phoney war" - a time when many parents felt that the threat of bombing had been exaggerated and by early 1940 most of children had returned to their homes

In Act Two, we meet the children back home, bored stiff

But then, as the bombs begin to fall, the decision is made that the children must once more be evacuated to somewhere safe

The musical ends on Armistice Day, 1945 when children and parents are re-united, closing the show with the title song "We’ll Meet Again"

Click and listen to a Sample of the Songs ...

We'll Meet Again
Air Raid
Time To Say Goodbye
I'll Take That One
Pastimes & Playtimes
Stiff Upper Lip
Dear Mum & Dad
Stiff Upper Lip
Bathnight Blues

Runs about an hours

Age Guide - KS 2 (7-11)

The Score and a CD of Vocal & Backing Tracks are available separately by clicking here

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