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Welcome to the Ball

2 Male, 2 Female

Dorothy Tan Price: $7.99

On a snowy night in the land of the free, the inmates are taking over the asylum known as the Penryn household

On the surface of things, the Penryn household — populated by Jeremy, his pregnant wife Fran, and his mother Martha — is Normal Personified: conventional, democratic, and all-American

The only thing marring this picture of reassuring conventionalism is a run of murders in town, thought to be the responsibility of the much-feared Four Finger Gang

Enter Teddy, Jeremy’s new pro bono client who has been invited to dinner

Beneath the polite dinner chatter, one question lingers: Who, really, is this mysterious and ethnically ambiguous man who calls himself a gardener?

When Teddy’s car breaks down in the storm, he becomes a guest at the Penryn house

And that’s when the Penryns begin behaving in ways that are distinctly not normal ...


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